10 Countries Which Enjoy Good Relationships with the U.S.

United States is called and obviously is the superpower of the entire world. Having good ties or relationships with the U.S. is obviously in the favor of every country. Thus we find all the countries making better or friendly relationships with the U.S. There are certain countries which enjoy and have very good relations or diplomatic relations with the U.S. In this article, we will talk about those countries which enjoy brilliant rapport with the U.S. government.


Germany United States and Germany’s relations with each other are really fabulous. Both of them consider each other as their good allies. They are each other’s closest allies. U.S. finds Germany its much vital strategic partner outside the EU (European Union).


Vietnam Although America was involved in the big war on Vietnam during the period of 1955 to 1975, nonetheless both the countries today enjoy friendly and good relationships with each other. Since the wind up of the war, Vietnam and U.S have been good friends.


Indonesia Indonesia too is in the list of the countries which have good relations with the U.S. Indonesia is the member of ASEAN group and thus it has played significant and important role in maintaining the fruitful relationship with America.

South Korea

South Korea South Korea too enjoys good rapport with the U.S. As per reports, both countries have been good friends since 1945. U.S. had helped South Korea to establish capitalism and also helped the country with UN sponsored team in Korean War against the North Korea and China.


Japan We all are aware of the fact that during the Second World War, U.S. had bombed at the two main cities of Japan. Nonetheless the two countries have been ignoring this thing and been great allies to each other.


Israel Israel and U.S’s friendly relations are known worldwide. Israel has been the most important U.S. ally since the outset. Both have really good fruitful relationships with each other. And the U.S. also gives around 3 million grants to Israel annually for the development.


Mexico Mexico is at number four on the list. Both of these countries have really been maintaining great relationships since the very outset. Their economies are related to each other. They are also the highest trading partners for each other.


Australia Australia has really beneficial and friendly relations with the U.S. government. The big leaders of both of these countries always claim to be the best buddies of each other. And they are found doing good for the betterment of each other.


Canada Canada is the U.S. neighbor and both the countries have borders attached to each other. Both are friends and partners to each others in business. Reports say that 80 percent of the trade Canada does is done with the U.S. And the reports also say that Canada is the big exporter of oil to the U.S.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom U.K holds the number one place on the list. United States and U.K both have been the true allies in various fields to each other. In particular for maintain peace, both the countries have been working together. [smartads]

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