10 Famous Currencies in the World

Since trading happens among the countries of the world, world currencies are always in talks. In this post, the 10 famous currencies in the world will be discussed and these in question currencies are those which are widely famous worldwide due to their stability and big usage in trading.

Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar Due to China at the back, Hong Kong Dollar has begun getting noticed in world trading and among tourists.

Canadian Dollar

Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar’s popularity is because of the Canadians’ spending their currency a lot, which is why it holds worth.

U.A.E Dirham

U.A.E Dirham A lot of international trade is done using U.A.E Dirham. The currency is much worthwhile in the Gulf States and across the world.

Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwaiti Dinar is the world most highly valued currency. With the big exchange rate, it is also much in use for international trading and transactions.

Australian Dollar

Australian Dollar Australian Dollar has begun being noticeable in international transactions. On foreign exchange tabulations, Aussie dollar is now seen.

Swiss Franc

Swiss Franc Swiss Franc is used quite a lot in the Europe and even across the globe. The currency is potentially brilliant.

Pound Sterling

Pound Sterling Britain’s official currency called Pound Sterling is another much famous currency of the world. Where internationally the above mentioned currencies are used, British Pound too is loved to be used.

Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen Third most influential and widely used currency in the world is Yen. International trading happens using Yen as well.


Euro Euro, which is the European Union’s currency basically, is the second most popular and best performing currency of the world. Euro performs much better than the U.S. dollar. But it is a limited currency that is why, American dollar takes the lead.

U.S Dollar

U.S Dollar American dollar or U.S. dollar is the world’s most famous and in use currency. It is always the best performing currency of the world and as per the foreign exchange trend as well, U.S. dollar is the top notch among all the world currencies. [smartads]

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