10 Famous World’s Classically Best Hotels to Stay in 2013

Vacationing and holidaying are what everyone wants to have and love to spend. Well, all of us do vacationing or holidaying often and some of us do it quite often. It all depends on the monetary circumstances – if you have good money you can do it quite often. And if you have moderate or less, you will do it comparatively quite less. But we all do it. Hotels come up whenever any vacation or holiday plan is done. Why? The answer is obvious because we have to stay during our holidays at the place where we go. In this article, we will discuss the best hotels to choose for stay in 2013. Check them out.

Shangri-La Hotel, London

Shangri-La Hotel, London The hotel, Shangri-La, is situated at the Shard – the tallest glass tower in London. The hotel is the one which lets you enjoy the spectacular view of London Skyline. You can enjoy sleeping on the signature beds which use the marvelous patented body contouring technology. You can also enjoy eating the cuisines of the world.

The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris This hotel now exists on the old gem that was constructed back in 1980. This old gem initially housed the majestic hotels. The restoration of this marvelous and catchy buildings today carries around 200 wonderfully constructed guest rooms.

The London Edition

The London Edition The London Edition is the hotel, which is going to be launched soon. The hotel will be launched none other than by the famed international hotels’ chain The Marriot International. The boutique hotel will be a big surprise for the customers. Let’s fasten the belts to explore the best in town very soon.

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace

Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace, St. Petersburg This is Russian princess’ abode which is now eventually going to be opened for all and sundry. The people will now have the opportunity to experience the super luxury treatment at this palace. You will start feeling like a royal when stepping into the place.

Latin America Waldorf Astoria, Panama

Latin America Waldorf Astoria, Panama This hotel is situated at around 15 minutes drive from the Marcos A. Gilbert International Airport. This hotel will offer you to enjoy the treat of the best first Latin American resort. The hotel is really luxurious as it offers the customers outdoor pools, spa and tropical cocktails.

El Encanto, Santa Barbara, California

El Encanto, Santa Barbara, California The place offers you to enjoy the bungalows collections overlooking the Pacific. While staying at the place, you can get mesmerizing views of the great Pacific Ocean and you may also be delighted with the heart-hitting scent of the resort’s superb garden that carries every kind of flower from every corner of the world.

The Langham, Chicago

The Langham, Chicago This hotel was built in 2010 on giant sized building and now it is going to be dished out for the masses in 2013’s summer. The 9000 square feet spa will be a big treat for the guests. The guests too will have the access to the rover jetty.

Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, Va.

Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, Va. This hotel would be a super lavish place to dine and stay on since it is constructed over 340 acres. The hotel is located in the heart of Virginia. The reports have it that it will be launched somewhere in August 2013. The sprawling spa will provide you the cool air with special treehouse treatment.

Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown

Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown Capella in Washington, D.C. is brilliant place to stay in 2013. The hotel offers the airport transportation and a special personal assistant is assigned to you to take care of your tour. The luxury stay is provided among the 49 guest rooms. You may enjoy the pooling on the rooftop.

United States the Quin Hotel, New York

United States the Quin Hotel, New York The Manhattan’s latest boutique hotel ‘Quin Hotel’ in New York is an 18 storey building to give the customers the best stay in the city. At the new signature restaurant, you can get real joys out of the meal. The restaurant has been named ‘Haute-American’. [smartads]

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  1. David Watson

    Pity you got the wrong picture for the London Edition hotel.Your picture is of a former hospital in the Earls Court area. There are hundreds, indeed thousands of pictures of the former, very grand and stately Berners Hotel, soon to be The London Edition. Bad research. Lazy researchers.ncrap editing. Tut tut.

    Can we trust your other recommendations?

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