8 Funniest Girls Tattoos – Super Ridiculous

Tattoo art has captured the entire world market now in today’s world. Tattoo art is not new rather it is an old form of the art, which has been coming up since long, but for last few years or so, it has gained much momentum. The whole world is now crazy for tattoos to get them adorned on the body. From celebrities to common masses, everybody is crazy for the art. In West, this art is more popular than the rest of the world. Whether it is bad or good to have tattoos on body, we are not going to discuss it at this surface. You have the mind and understanding, you can make the best decision. But we are going to discuss the funniest tattoos which went wrong on the bodies of the girl. Let’s check them out.

Back with Funny Characters

Back with Funny Characters This girl’s back is swathed and designed with the utmost funny characters inked on the entire back of her body. She loves displaying so. But the question is – should she display her back, hmmm? Guess, not at all.

Flowers on Belly

Flowers on Belly Flowers are often seen in tattoo designing. Yes, they often look gorgeous provided that the intelligence is used in the designing or some expert inks them. In this case of this woman, the flowers are spread all over the woman’s belly with a woman’s character on the top of flowers. Looks really ridiculous!

Butterfly on Cleavage

Butterfly on Cleavage Cleavage showing is the top notch trend among the female celebrities and also among the females of all fields, etc. In short, females love showing off their assets’ show. Just look at this image, the woman has a butterfly tattoo right on the line of the cleavage.

Chest Adorned with Dragon Tattoos

Chest Adorned with Dragon Tattoos This woman seems to be quite aggressive in nature. She has got the dragon like tattoos all over her chest area. Well, the tattoos seem really hazardous and funny all at the same time. Huh.

Eagle on Chest and Tattoos on the Armpits

Eagle on Chest and Tattoos on the Armpits The woman went really crazy by getting the tattoos inked on her chest and armpits. On her chest, eagle shaped tattoo is inked and on her armpits, there are weird tattoos as well. Supremely funny!

Tattoos All Over Back and Buttocks

Tattoos All Over Back and Buttocks Must say, the woman is really pretty and super curvaceous. But what was the need behind the weird designing tattoos all over the back and then on the buttocks’ cheeks? Guess, she has the better answer. We just can say…she looks simply funny.

Stay Gold

Stay Gold This is not a tattoo rather the words inked on the two legs of a woman. The lady has tattoos on each of her two legs in parallel position. Tattoos carry some persons’ pictures and these two words – one leg carries word ‘Stay’ and the other carries ‘Gold’.

Tattoos All Over Body

Tattoos All Over Body Huh…..what will happen with the babes of this nature? She has tattoos inked all over her body. Hardly there will be any of her body parts which does not carry any tattoo. She is looking simply funny. Seeing her, you will burst into laughs for sure. [smartads]

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