10 Most Dangerous Mafia Groups Operating in the World

There are endless amount of mafia groups in the whole world. Mafia group is a group of people who are criminals and who do the criminal and illegal activities like drug smuggling, trafficking, smuggling, robbery and many other illegal activities. Their main intention is ofcourse making big money. These groups have a head who is called DON. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 mafia groups operating in the world. Let’s check out.

The Albanian Mafia

The Albanian Mafia This mafia group is at number tenth position and originates from Albania. This group is reportedly working in the US and European Union’s countries. The main illegal works done by this group include arms trafficking and drugs smuggling.

Russian Mafia

Russian Mafia This mafia group which is called Russian Mafia is considered to be the most dangerous group among the mafia groups in the world. After World War II and post breakdown of Soviet Union, many gangs started operating in the country and these gangs control majority of the country’s economy. This mafia group’s main illegal activities include bombings, internet fraud, drug dealing and smuggling.

Chinese Triads

Chinese Triads Chinese Triads are not only restricted to China but also operates in other countries like Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, EU, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Vancouver. Their main illegal works are robbery, trafficking, piracy and contract killing. They are really dangerous people.

Israeli Mafia

Israeli Mafia Number seventh place is grabbed by Israeli Mafia. Their illegal works are also similar to other mafia groups operating in the world. This group is from Israel. Majority of this mafia group’s heads are either killed or in prison.

The Serbian Mafia

The Serbian Mafia This groups originates from Serbia. This groups’ illegal activities are also similar to the above mentioned mafia groups and they also run protection rackets. These mafia groups began working when the Yugoslavia Wars occurred in 1991. Because the people became homeless and jobless, thus they slipped into the illegal activities.

Sicilian American Costa Nostra

Sicilian American Costa Nostra Sicilian American Costa Nostra – these groups are mainly into the illegal activities of drugs, protection racket and arms trafficking. The reports have it that more than 4000 members are into this mafia group. The reports also say that the members of these groups do not like to be called as Mafia so they are called with various other names.

Columbian Drug Cartels

Columbian Drug Cartels Number fourth position on the list of top 10 mafia groups of the world is Columbian Drug Cartels. They are into the criminal activities of trafficking and drugs. They are also involved into other criminal works like kidnappings and terrorism. The groups also have ranks which are awarded with the level of job such as Hitman, Falcons, Drug Lords and Lieutenants.

Japanese Yakuza

Japanese Yakuza At number third on the list is the mafia group called Japanese Yakuza. They are also famous as Gokudo. They are involved in various criminal activities and the main focus is on gambling. They are really dangerous people.

Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia Well, as the name says Mexican Mafia, you might be thinking that it originates from Mexico. It is nit from Mexico rather it is from the US Prison Organization. The notorious MS-13 group also belongs to this Mafia group. In the California prison, this group is called the most dangerous one.

Jamaican – British Yardies

British Yardies Number one position on the list is held by Jamaican – British Yardies. These groups too are involved into the same criminal activities as done by other mafia groups in the world. They mainly go for arms trafficking and drugs smuggling. The gun crimes are what are their notoriety. [smartads]

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  1. Aaron

    Geez who compiled this list ?? i suggest u do some homework on your underworld syndicates,the jamaican yardies ? israeli mafia ? are u serious ? are u even aware that italy it self has 3 more mafia groups than the sicilian mafia that would completely cancel your number 1 most dangerous group ? What a joke

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