10 Most Famous Expensive Stadiums in the World

Stadiums’ worth is always super high. Why? Because they are used to throw some events, concerts or games and the spectators come to enjoy the same. There are endless amount of stadiums in the world and all have various kinds of designs to allure the souls. Some of them carry the designs that the people simply get stunned with the beauty of them. If a stadium has breath-arresting designing and huge amount of spectators cane be adjusted there with ease, they are rated higher in the lists. In the entire world, there are many expensive stadiums, which are really mind-boggling. This article will pour light on the top 10s.

ANZ Stadium $ 624 million

ANZ Stadium (Sydney, Australia) $ 624 million (Sydney, Australia) This stadium is famous as Telstra Stadium and happens to be a multi-purpose stadium that exists in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. It is located in the Sydney Olympic Park. The stadium has the distinction of hosting the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final and National Rugby League grand final every year.

Safeco Field $ 656 million

Safeco Field (Seattle, US) $ 656 million (Seattle, US) The stadium is located in Seattle, Washington, America. It is famous for being a retractable roof baseball stadium. It is also the home avenue of MLB (Mariners of Major League Baseball). The stadium is really eye-candy and has stunning appearance.

Lucas Oil Stadium $ 675 million

Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, US) $ 675 million (Indianapolis, US) The stadium called Lucas Oil Stadium is the central avenue for conducting the exhibitions, conventions, NCCA basketball competitions and trade shows. In nine minutes time, the roof of the stadium is closed and opened – this is the beauty and the attraction of the stadium.

Soldier Field $ 714 million

Soldier Field (Chicago, US) $ 714 million (Chicago, US) Solder Field is another most expensive and heart-hitting stadium in the world located in Chicago, America. It is presently the home of the famed Chicago Bears. The stadium has worth in the whole of the US and also has the distinction of being the world number 7th expensive stadium.

The Emirates Stadium $ 770 million

The Emirates Stadium (London, England) $ 770 million (London, England) The stadium which is at number 6th is Emirates Stadium, which is located in London, England. It was constructed in July 2006. It has been made for soccer. It is situated in Holloway in London Borough of Islington. Around 60,353 spectators can accommodate in the stadium.

Rogers Centre $ 930 million

Rogers Centre (Toronto, Canada) $ 930 million (Toronto, Canada) In Toronto, Canada, Rogers Centre Stadium is located. The stadium is used for many purposes such as trade shows, events of various natures, concerts, fun fairs, conventions and monster truck shows. It has brilliant capacity to accommodate the people.

Stade de France $ 974 million

Stade de France (Paris, France) $ 974 million (Paris, France) It is the national stadium of France and is located somewhere in the Parisian suburbs of Saint-Denis. The stadium is used for many purposes like events, musical concerts, sports and for any bigger events where large amount of people are required to attend.

Madison square garden $ 1.1 billion

Madison square garden (New York, USA) $ 1.1 billion (New York, USA) The stadium is called the world’s third busiest stadium of the world because of the ticket sales sold out there in bigger quantities. The stadium happens to be the multi-purpose indoor arena and its location is at the 8th Avenue.

Olympic Stadium $ 1.4 billion

Olympic Stadium (Montreal, Canada) $ 1.4 billion (Montreal, Canada) It is also a multi-purpose stadium which is located in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonnevenue in Montreal. The stadium is quite famous and bigger. It was built with the cost of whopping $1.4 billion. Huge capacity of people can be accommodated.

Wembley Stadium $ 1.5 billion

Wembley Stadium (London, England) $ 1.5 billion (London, England) Wembely Stadium is the one every child knows it. It has its own distinction and fame in the world. It is a football stadium and is called the second largest one in the entire Europe. It is also called the national stadium of England. [smartads]

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