10 Of History’s Deadliest Floods

For many parts of the U.S. the beginning of summer has brought more unexpected showers than flowers this year, with uncommonly heavy rains in parts of Texas and even deadly storms in Oklahoma and across the Midwest. In light of all the wet weather we’ve taken a look back at 10 of the world’s worst and deadliest floods. Hopefully the summer brings sunshine soon!

The Yellow River

The Yellow River The top four of the world’s worst floods occurred in the Yellow River in China with the world’s worst occurring in 1931, ringing in a death toll between 1 and 3.7 million people. Because of the broad distance of plain the Huang He (Yellow) River occupies, it is prone to flooding. The high silt content makes up 60% of the river’s volume and builds up until the river is higher than the surrounding land. The river swells and breaks surrounding dams, releasing walls of water. Flooding of the Yellow River is also the cause of these following devastations. The 2nd worst recorded flood 1887-Death Toll: 900.000-2 million The 3rd worst recorded flood 1938-Death Toll 500,000-900,000 The 4th worst recorded flood 1642-Death Toll 300,000

Ru River in China

Ru River in china In 1975 more than 230,000 people were killed when the Banquia Dam collapsed in China. Heavy rains following a typhoon caused the dams to break creating the worst dam related collapse in history and the world’s 5th worst recorded flood. The area saw more than a year’s rain fall within 24 hours at 1060 mm of rain per day exceeding the average 800 mm of rain fall per year. When the dam finally gave-in waves were recorded at 6.2 miles wide and almost 10 feet high, rushing at about 31 mph. The waves created temporary lakes as large as 4,600 square miles leaving countless communities swamped.

The Yangtze River in China

The Yangtze River in China While China’s Yellow River has caused more deaths due to flooding, the Yangtze River has had more than 1,000 recorded floods including the world’s 6th worst flood. In 1931 China faced a series of devastating floods with the worst period being from July to August alone when the Yangtze River swelled and flooded, killing over 145,000 people and affecting more than 28 million.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands The only place to come close to seeing as much devastating flooding as China is the Netherlands with three of the world’s top 10 floods having occurred there. In 1099 a combination of high tides and storms flooded the Thames River and the Netherlands, killing more than 100,000 people making it the 7th worst flood in history. Almost 200 years later the Netherlands saw another natural disaster at the hands of a local river. In 1287 the world’s 8th worst flood killed between 50,000 and 80,000 in what is known as the St. Lucia’s flood because it occurred on December 14th, the day after St. Lucia’s Day. The flooding was caused by a storm tide that also affected Germany after a dike gave way. The Netherlands would face yet another devastating flood in 1421 when the seawall on the Zuider Zee failed and flooded the Dutch lowlands killing 10,000 people in the world’s 9th worst flood.

The Neva River in Russia

The Neva River in Russia More than 300 floods have occurred in St. Petersburg since the city was founded in 1703, usually as a result of overflow of the Neva River and surging water in the eastern part of the bay. One of their more catastrophic floods goes down in history as the 10th worst flood in the world killing more than 10,000 people. Dry Experts is a San Antonio water-extraction company owned by Jon Bibb. Their team of professionals is available for 24-hour emergency extraction services and is diligent to make sure that your home or business is just as clean, dry and safe as it was before the leak or flood.

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