10 of the Biggest Fears Americans Have

Every human is swathed with fears – some have more and some less, but the fact remains we all have fears. Fear is called an emotion which makes our protection from the threats in our surroundings. Where other nations have fears, Americans too have many fears. They have the fears which they are afraid of. We will discuss their top notch fears in this article. Let’s check them out.


Vulgarity The vulgarity is an alarming situation in America. It keeps growing on and on and what makes the Americans fear is that it is increasing with super higher speed spoiling the culture fully. Everything is affected with vulgarity from films, TV, fashion, music to common masses who get inspired from the tinsel town. Americans are afraid of it since the younger generation is getting affected a lot.

Diet and Health

Diet and Health Another scary thing for the Americans is diet and health. Majority of the Americans are becoming overweight and getting rid of this problem is the concern of all and sundry there. Due to overweight, they are affected by the diseases like diabetes. Thus they have this big fear.


Education Where America has top notch educational institutions in the world to deliver quality education, it lacks in school systems to meet the international standards of scholastic achievement. The kids in the US do not have the basic skills and knowledge to compete the global economy.

Illegal Immigration and Amnesty

Illegal Immigration and Amnesty Number 7th position on the list is for Illegal Immigration and Amnesty. The economy’s decline is associated with illegal immigration and amnesty problems. Americans keep on worrying for amnesty program.

Medicare and Social Security

Medicare and Social Security Another fear for Americans is Medicare and Social Security. The all age-group people in America are really concerned with the matter and they are really scared of the same. They want them to be apt for the Americans.


Inflation Inflation is another concern and the biggest fear of all the Americans. The increase in nation’s debt and the printing of the paper currency in big numbers by the Federal Reserve which generate bigger inflation in the country are the fears of all the Americans. Every item’s price has risen because of the matters.


Economy American economy has not been well since quite some time and the Americans are really afraid of the falling economy condition. The decline of the economy is the biggest concern and the problem of the country. Americans are afraid of and they want it to be done soon to get the nation on success track.

War in Afghanistan

War in Afghanistan The American troops have been in Afghanistan since long time back for last many many years. Huge amount is consumed on the army in Afghanistan. This is the biggest concern of the nation and they want the army to be back in the country.


Tornados Often the country witnesses many tornados throughout the year in the whole country. They spoil the places and each and everything. Even many casualties happen because of them. Americans are always afraid of these tornados.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces Well, this seems to be weird being at number one spot. But yes, majority of the Americans have this fear or phobia with them. The ones who suffer this ilk of fear avoid the open spaces or large places such as airports, shopping malls and beaches, etc. This fear is mostly found with the women in the age group of 20 to 40 years old. [smartads]

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