10 of the Craziest Town Names that will make you laugh

World is laced with really gorgeous and appealing countries, cities and town names, etc. And you feel proud to be associated with. But there are certain names of the cities and towns, which are really weird and funny. You can name them craziest. And yes, they appear to be really crazy when you pronounce them or someone does the same in front of you. In this list of top 10, we will discuss about the craziest town names. Check them out and have real fun.

Why Not, Mississippi Craziest Town Names

Why Not, Mississippi This town is located in the US state of Mississippi. Well, just read and check out the name and you will burst into laughs as to why this name has been thought for naming a town? Huh….well, that exists.

Fail, Portugal

Fail, Portugal Fail – yes, this is the name of a town in Portugal. We all know the meaning of ‘fail’. And the people who live in this town, what they would be considering themselves? Weird, really!

Nowhere Else, Australia

Nowhere Else, Australia Ohhhh, guys, another one comes up to hit us. This is the town named ‘Nowhere Else’. It is located in Australia. Does it sound good? Does it look nice? Think over it and then answer it.

Puke, Albania

Puke, Albania This town name exists in Albania and the people living there must be considering and thinking as to why they live there.

Accident, Maryland

Accident, Maryland Well, this word ‘accident’ is the one no one wants to hear but this name has been named to a town located in Maryland. But it exists and people live there as well.

Peculiar, Missouri

Peculiar, Missouri This town name, you can find it in the U.S, exists in US state of Missouri. Peculiar – what a funny and crazy name it is! The people who live there, does it mean they are peculiar? Huh.

Half.com, Oregon

Half.com, Oregon Who name these types of names for the places? This is the question hits the mind often whenever this type of name comes to view. Well, another one is like a website name ‘half.com’. It is also located in the U.S in Oregon.

Santa Clause, Georgia

Santa Clause, Georgia It exists in the U.S. The town name is Santa Clause and you can see it and find it in Georgia. Well, it shows as if Santa Clauses are the ones only who live there.

Why, Arizona

Why, Arizona In another American state Arizona, you can find another weird town with weird name. The name of the town is Why. And I start thinking ‘why’ this town’s name is ‘why’? Well, the ones who have named it can better answer my question.

Unalaska, Alaska

Unalaska, Alaska This one is really weird and funny. This town exists in the U.S. state Alaska and the town name is Unalaska. This means, the town name denies the state’s name ‘un-alaska’, hmmm. Well, these names are really funny and appear to be the craziest in all manners. There are many as well, but these 10s are really funny ones to allure the souls. [smartads]

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