10 of the Most Useful Free iPhone 5 Apps in 2013

Not every wonderful thing comes free in life, but many useful and wonderful Free iPhone 5 Apps. And needless to say, when you find something useful for free, it’s best to grab it. After scanning through an impossible number of iPhone 5 apps, we have made a list of the 10 most useful free iPhone 5 apps.


Facebook Free iPhone 5 Apps

Facebook doesn’t require introduction, does it? Keeping in touch with friends just got easier and faster than ever. With the iPhone 5 Facebook app, you get to check what your friends are doing, share videos and photos, chat, play games, like and comment on various posts.


Flipboard Free iPhone 5 Apps

Create a personalized magazine with everything you like to read and share. Using Flipboard, you can browse through Google+ Circles, Facebook newsfeed, all your tweets, photos and videos from one single place. Flipboard lets you enjoy browsing, reading, sharing and commenting on everything that matters to you.

BBC News

BBC Free iPhone 5 Apps

If you can’t survive a single day without getting to the bottom of breaking stories, you will do well if you download one single app- the BBC News apps. BBC News app brings all the breaking news and latest stories from around the world to your fingertips, well to your iPhone 5. This app brings you news items arranged under various categories for easy access. This app also lets you stream live videos; personalize the app by reordering new items you are interested in.


Pocket Free iPhone 5 Apps

When you come across something interesting on the Web and you want to read later, simply put it on the Pocket. With the Pocket app, you can easily bookmark articles, news items and videos.  This app syncs all your ‘pocketed’ items to your phone, computer or tablet so that you can view the contents from anywhere at any time. Works fine even without an Internet connection.


Flash light Free iPhone 5 Apps

One of the most useful apps, the Flashlight app is simple, fast and brilliantly bright. It’s elegant and comfortable to use. It comes with a compass that guides you in the darkness.  Flick the Flashlight on and you’ll never find a dark moment!

Onavo Extend

Onavo Extend Free iPhone 5 Apps

Always spending a lot of time on 3G? Or are you always overextending your data usage? This is a powerful free app that helps you get 5 times more data, manage your data usage well, avoid spending on roaming charges.  Sounds great? Then this app is right for you.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder Free iPhone 5 Apps

Searching for free Wi-Fi hotspots may be a thing of the past with Free Wi-Fi Finder app. This app locates free Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you are in the world, regardless of your online or offline status. You even get the ability to filter your location by your need, get contact information and also bookmark your location. Sounds perfect? That’s because this app is perfect.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio Free iPhone 5 Apps

Somebody said if music was the food of live, it should be played on or something to that effect. Well, Slacker Radio, here, serves the purpose. Slacker Radio is by far one of the best music streaming services. With more than 200 radio stations, Slacker Radio comes with unparalleled listening options. It comes with clear sound quality and neatly designed interface, Slacker Radio app is a must-have for all the music lovers.


Evernote Free iPhone 5 Apps

If you want to organize all your ideas and notes, then Evernote is the app you should download. Apart from being free, Evernote is a simple app that helps you organize all your notes, photos, to-do lists and other remainders and allows you search everything from everywhere.

Gain Fitness Free iPhone 5 Apps

Gain Fitness Evernote Free iPhone 5 Apps

Want abs like Arnold or figure like Angelina? Well, who doesn’t?  Download this free Gain Fitness app and bring the best of world class trainers’ right to your pockets. With more than 350 exercises, training styles including yoga, workout modes, you can easily work on your fitness levels. And give Arnold and Angelina a run for their money. Just kidding! These were only a few of the most useful iPhone 5 apps. Some of the other strong contenders for the most useful apps list were iRuler, iTranslate and Find my Car. While it’s true that we have missed quite a few others, these apps should definitely make it to your list of immediate downloads. For more info about iphone 5 Apps please click here. [smartads]

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