Top 10 Strange Things about Universe

There’re plenty of strange and weird things in this universe and the universe can be itself a strangest place to judge. Some already known theories like the Earth revolving around the Sun, relativity theory and the quantum theory are still mysteries for the people, but science didn’t stop searching more strange things in our universe that could be unbelievable to many. Below top 10 strange things about universe will definitely shock many of our readers.

Kerr Black Hole

Most of you would definitely be aware of the term black hole which is among top-rated discussions in the worldwide professional scientists and science students. A black hole is generally considered as the point of no return where any object, after passing through, could not come back to its original state and go through an infinite density point on the inside. Karl Schwarzschild is the person who brought this theory of black hole to the world but a black hole is yet a strange thing for the scientists and they’re always busy in knowing more about it. It finishes our top 10 strange things about the universe list.

Dark Energy

Dark Energy is truly a mysterious thing in this cosmos and it really confuses everyone including scientists across the globe. Around 73 percent known portion of our universe is recognized as the part of dark energy (this is really huge size and thus named as Garfield-sized). This dark energy is actually the reason for pushing galaxies farther and farther and resulting in expansion of the universe. The speed of this expansion process in increasingly faster than our imaginations.

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum tunneling is generally regarded in the science world as an effect where a barrier is used to pass a particle through it. There would not be any energy in that tunnel to overcome. This type of tunnel can allow a particle to go through any kind of physical barrier or can allow an electron to get rid of the nucleus even there is no kinetic energy in the environment. Quantum mechanics give us actually a kind of finite probability.


Though some of you would be thinking about the inclusion of term planets in the strange things about the universe, but in fact these are yet among more mysterious things in the cosmos. Earth is also among those planets which is yet to discover as a whole even in this modern age. Science is even very weak in explaining that how the disks of dust and gas circles around planets, especially those that are known as rocky disks.

Cosmic Strings

It’s believed by many scientists that the universe (cosmos) was in a highly chaotic and disordered state shortly after it came into being in result of the Big Bang (major explosion). This concept of the scientists raises a point that the defects and the small changes of universe didn’t put any effect on the overall structure of this yet mysterious cosmos. But with the passage of time (when universe cooled and went to an orderly state), even very small fluctuations resulted into an extremely big changes.


Gravity is among top-rated strange things in our universe and thus is place at No.5 in our top 10 strange things about the universe. Gravity generally recognized as a force that helps planets stay together, stars ignite and object remain in their orbit but the same power is seen helpless or weakest in the cosmos. Almost every equation has been fine-tuned by the scientists along with different cosmos models just to predict or describe gravity, but truly it still exists as a mystery.

Antimatter Retro Causality

Matter is a big part of our universe and it has an opposite element which is named in science language as the antimatter. Though the mass of antimatter is same like the matter but actually the electrical charge of both elements is quite different. Nobel laureate Richard Feynman and John Wheeler were two notable scientists behind this theory that brought us a term, antimatter. They presented this theory based on their idea that every physical system in our universe should be known as time-reversible. For example, if the solar system’s orbit is played backward, it shouldn’t react strangely and should obey same rules as it follows while playing forwardly.


The life and the starting of life in our universe (mainly on the planet Earth) is yet a mystery to many and science is still busy in reaching to a single point as a whole about the background of life on universe. Though the universe if full of energy and matter but there’s only very few space in the universe where life may exist. The abundant access to life on our planet has proved us the fact that the conditions and ingredients necessary to let grow this yet strange phenomenon are only suitable on the places like Earth.

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems

Gödel’s incompleteness theorems are generally recognized as a very interesting set of theorems fall under mathematical theorems’ category and basically are not typically the science-related subject. The philosophy and the logic of these theorems are definitely very close to the science subject. Kurt Gödel was the presenter of this theory to the world who brought this awesome theory in 1931. These theories prove that there always be an un-decidable statement for any given set of logical rule (most simple logical rules are included).

The Universe

The universe itself is yet a mystery to the world and mainly for the scientists which actually is full of matter and energy. Mainly scientists believe that the cosmos (universe) is actually the result of a “Big Bang” (major explosion) and this description falls under the cosmic microwave background. The current form of our universe is the result of an incomprehensible expansion of energy which initially was in an ultra-hot state and now has turned into an ultra-dense state.  

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