10 Things Americans Can’t Live Without

Americans are the nation who enjoys everything to the fullest. Apart from the joys they derive from almost everything, there are certain things Americans cannot live without. Yes, there are a number of things. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 things Americans can’t live without. You must be wondering which they are. Let’s read on.


Coffee Well, an average American cannot live without drinking coffee. There is hardly any day that goes without a cup of coffee. Americans are crazy for coffee and they would love to drink various kinds of coffee from hard to shake to latte, they enjoy the sips of coffee.


Pets Pets are every American’s life. They simply cannot imagine a life without a pet. You see them having pets along. From celebs to common masses, every person in American would like to have and raise pets at their homes. They love them like the kids.

Remote Controls

Remote Controls Since the Americans are crazy for movies, music, games and gadgets, they love having the control of these things in hands. They are found grabbing the remote control to control TV, music, DVDs and games. The craze for the remote control is vivid in their lives.


Movies Yes, movies are the active part in Americans’ lives. They take time out especially to watch the movies in theaters and even on DVDs. The liking for movies is shown from their craziness for celebrities. They madly adore the celebs and due to this, celebs enjoy big stardom.


Smartphones It is the era of smartphones and if Americans are crazy for them, the whole world likes carrying smartphones along as well. With brilliant and eye-opening features, smartphones have worth. iPhone is most used by Americans. Every other American would love to carry a smartphone along.

Music Downloads

Music Downloads The craze for music is big among the U.S nationals. They love listening music of all genres. iTunes is quite popular for downloading music. Additionally, they also keep on downloading music from various sources such as from the web, etc.


Baseball American nation loves baseball though they also like watching and enjoying other games like soccer but baseball is what they are crazy fans for it. The stars of this game are adored and loved. Whenever the game takes place, Americans gathered at the stadiums to watch it.


Automobiles Automobiles are also a craze for Americans – they cannot live without them. They would love buying new bikes, cars and vehicles of various kinds. Enjoying the latest vehicles is what the U.S. citizens cherish the most.

High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet 01 Since Americans get glued to the computer screens and they want to get equipped with what’s happening in the world and in their surroundings, this is the reason they like the Internet with high speed. They want flashing speed which is why they go for buying high speed (broadband) Internet connection.


Gadgets Gadgets are the big craze for the U.S. nationals. Gadgets’ fondness is high among the Americans and they cannot live without them at all. This is the big reason that Americans keep on buying every latest gadget that is introduced in the market. [smartads]

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