10 Things Which Men Can Do Only and Women Not

Well, guys, men always have advantage over the women and this is a universal fact. Men can really do majority of the things which even the bolder and wilder natured women cannot. Although women are preferred to men for many a things and in the entire globe, they are preferred a lot because of their being the women. But men are always men. You must be thinking what are the things which only men can do and not the women, for the answer, there are plenty of things on hand which only the men can do and not the women even think over it. Let’s dip in the nose into the matter.

Tossing Top Aside

Tossing Top Aside The term is basically for the women and in particular for the women of the entertainment field. They often toss the top aside and they do this on the beach, for photo shoots and for movies, etc. They cannot flip their top aside in everyday’s life or in public, but on the contrary, men can do whenever they want and whenever they like.

Sensibility and Understanding

Sensibility and Understanding Well, women are not that much sensible and understanding as the men are. Women keep on backbiting whereas men hardly do so since they understand the problems oozing out of the same. Men often know the danger of the matter whereas the women don’t give it a damn.

Grow Shave

Grow Shave Men can only grow the shave – beard and moustache whereas the women even cannot think of since they are not destined to have hair on beard and moustache.

Shaving the Head

Shaving the Head Well, women can do so for sure as well. But it is quite rare and we hardly see it happening. Women cannot shave the heads, as the men do often. Men go bald – shaving the heads and no one minds. But when the women do, it appears to be a taboo like thing.

Real Sports

Real Sports Although in today’s world, women also play the games, men do. But the fact remains that men are always better than the women. Just imagine and see the women playing the games like basketball, tennis, cricket and hockey, etc. You hardly find the energy in them which the men have while playing.

Fertilize Eggs

Fertilize Eggs Well, for babies’ production, men’s eggs play the vital part in women’s ovaries. And the fertile eggs of men can do the job by the grace of God. Men are destined with the fertilize eggs and women are not by God.

Standing up Pee

Standing up Pee Well, this is amazing and hilarious one as well. We often find the men peeing standing up. This looks hilarious and rib tickling. But the fact is a fact that this can only be done by the men and not the women. This is not good morally but only men can do it.

Stronger Body

Stronger Body Men are destined with stronger bodies than the women. Although women make their bodies strong by doing workout and going to gym, but even the men who don’t do any workouts have strong enough bodies then the women.


Forgiving Forgiving and forgetting are what are found with men only. Men often forget even the hardest and the cruelest things. But in case of women, they cannot do so at all. In their nature, forgiving and forgetting do not exist.

Getting Young and Sexier with Age

Getting Young and Sexier with Age This is only be found with men. By the time, the age grows, men start turning out younger than women. Their hormones make them young in old age. Hardly they develop any wrinkles on face while they start turning old. [smartads]

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