10 Useful Foods Rich in Iron Content

Iron in food is much essential and the iron’s existence in body too is well required. It happens to be the most important mineral used to transport oxygen to the entire body parts. If there happens even a bit of deficiency in iron, it causes anemia (weakness). And if there happens a chronic deficiency in body, it can lead to the failure of organ. It is called the super necessary nutrients required heavily for our body. It makes the body’s muscles healthy. For energy boost, it appears to be important. This article will let you have the details of the Top 10 Best Foods Rich in Iron Content.


Lentils They are actually beans and pulses. These lentils are found with various colors and forms such as French green, brown, masoor and Richlea etc. These can be found with or without the skin. They contain 58% iron. It happens to be the good source of iron.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstarp Molasses It happens to be a dark colored, dense liquid that stays post the extraction of the sugar from the sugar cane. This one is too rich in iron containing 17 to 18% iron contents. In actual Blackstrap Molasses is called a sweetener that happens to be quite healthier for human health.

White Beans

White Beans Well, white beans are called the useful source of iron and in actual, they are! White beans’ one cup can lead you to get 40% of iron in diet. White beans are laced with phytic acid that restrict you to absorb the iron, thus it is much important to first soak the beans using the warm water for overnight. This process would lessen the phytic acid in the white beans.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds In East Asia, the Pumpkin seeds are super famed and popular in East Asian diet. These seeds contain more than 15 mg iron content that is quite healthy for humans. These seeds also make the dishes quite tasty. Soak them in warm water for around 8 hours and then they would turn out to be easily digestible.


Soyabeans Soyabeans are the most famous iron rich food. We are all aware of them. They happen to be the quite rich source of iron. When soyabeans are fermented, they turn out to be really higher in iron. They are swathed with phytic acid which utterly helps in absorbing the iron in our body system. One cup of soyabeans contains around 49% of iron.

Organ Meats

Organ Meats These foods are rich in iron and they include in tongue, heart, beef, liver, onions and sweetbreads. They are called nutrients pack. The most high in iron in organ meat is liver. These foods are really healthy and provide energy to human body.


Oysters Well, Oysters are called the best lower calorie foods which are laced with higher iron contents. Smoked oysters are called the good healthier foods with iron, protein and saturated fat. These foods contain iron in plenty. They carry only 53 mg cholesterol – they are low cholesterol foods.


Cereals General cereals or breakfast cereals are the ones which are quite richer in iron. In most of our foods, iron can be found since it provides energy to body and strengthens the bones. Cereals are eaten to get iron in body. In Canada, cereals are eaten quite high.

Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk Yolk is found in the egg. It is the yellow part that we see in the egg. The newly laid egg’s yolk is firm. One large egg’s yolk carries around 6 mg of iron. Yolk is the big source for providing the body full energy. In egg yolk, the calories are quite higher. It also carries fatty acids.


Spinach It is called the best iron rich green leafy vegetable and happens to be the best one source for iron, vitamin and calcium. Spinach is called the perfect source for building up the body’s muscles because of the higher iron content available in them. for more useful posts visit: www.veganfamilystyle.com [smartads]  

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