Top 10 Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wardrobe malfunctions happen a lot in the world of ritzy entertainment and fashion. We often come to witness them. But these days we bump into them quite often as they keep happening time and again. These are called the accidental wardrobe malfunctions but do you think they are actually accidental? Hmmmm….may be or may be not! Celebs are hungry for fame and to get the camera’s flash bulbs they keep on doing the weird acts – the big example is Lady Gaga who does the weirdest of things all the time and we all know why? Thus sometimes they are accidental or sometime not! Let’s check out the list of top 10 worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid’s wardrobe malfunction, which took place at the birthday party of P. Diddy earlier this year, surely not accidental rather intentional just to grab the flash lights. She appeared at the bash wearing a black costume and the one shoulder dropped below fully showing off one of her assets fully. The most interesting thing is that she did not even notice it…hmm…great. Click the below url to see the photo

Katy Price

During her book singing in Waterstones in London, Katy Price suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Apparently it looked accident but we are not 100 percent sure about it. Well, this is what happened during the signing, she popped out and the paparazzi instantly held their cameras to take the pictures of the marvelous incident. This added further sparkles to Katy’s already growing fame among the masses. Click the below url to see the photo

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland lands on the news for all the right and wrong reasons. The publicity hungry woman of the tinsel town goes every inch to grab the flash lights. The same she did to capture the limelight when she appeared an event few months back in the U.S. The strange kind of bra she was wearing – the upside down bra cup was not doing any favors to her. Thus the world enjoyed what they had to! Click the below url to see the photo

Lady Gaga

The world’s most controversial celeb, lady Gaga is the one who knits the controversies internationally to grab the camera’s attention. Every time she makes an appearance, she hits the space wearing something really weird. And most of the time she flaunts off her most private parts. At CFDA Awards 2011, she came up being clad in a see-through net outfit which did not leave anything for imagination showing off the largest assets she possessed. Click the below url to see the photo

Sharon Stone

Once a Hollywood’s top notch actress and a real beauty queen with full dose of sex appeal, Sharon Stone suffered or intentionally suffered a wardrobe malfunction during an event few months back when her assets came out from beneath the top through a see-through top. It is clear she meant to expose them. Check out the picture and you guys will agree with me for sure. Click the below url to see the photo

Janet Jackson

The singing sensation and the singer of international repute, Janet Jackson turned into controversies few years back when during a performance on stage along with Justin Timberlake, one of her assets gushed out of the costume all of a sudden. It was a big embarrassing moment for the lady but the shutterbugs were quite quick to click the photos which then made the rounds of the entire media and the Internet. Click the below url to see the photo

Nicki Minaj

Well, we all know much better about this damsel of the singing world as to how crazy she is for showing off what she possesses in plenty. The same she did (doesn’t seem it was accidental) when she appeared on a breakfast television and her assets came out all of a sudden during the gig. The pictures made the big rounds of the web and the media and Nicki got the big limelight. Well done, Nicki…good malfunction! Click the below url to see the photo

Geri Halliwell

The Spice Girl beauty Geri Halliwell is all the time on the headlines because of her events’ appearances and the link ups. Recently she grabbed quite a lot news leads due to her link up with Russell Brand, the ex-hubby of the sexiest babe Katy Perry. At the recently held Bafta Awards in the UK, Geri flashed off her backside through the see-through dress. She proudly posed for the shutterbugs and showed off her treasure. Check it out. Click the below url to see the photo


The world’s most popular singing icon Rihanna, who the crazy fans simple adore and her albums and singles work big time among the globe’s audiences, too suffers the wardrobe malfunctions quite often. Are they accidental or intentional? Well, guys, you have an understanding eye…hmmm! At a concert taken place few months back, this dusky babe showed off her under assets to the fullest view. It seems the under assets trend has now started developing among the celebs. Click the below url to see the photo

Emma Watson

Hollywood beauty Emma Watson suffered a big wardrobe malfunction at the premiere of Harry Potter in London. The girl is really gorgeous and super sexy. The cute innocence beauty’s sex appeal always mesmerize the souls and when she shows off something deep, the paparazzi and the people out there could not help fixing their lustful eyes on. She picked her gown and slid it away to let the audiences see her cream colored underwear and the creamy sexy legs. Wow! Click the below url to see the photo Well, after reading the entire above list, it hits to our minds that these celebs are really fame hungry and they mostly suffer the wardrobe malfunctions intentionally though the fact remains sometimes they happen accidently.

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