5 Blogs to Read with Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Bloggers, writers, and web designers need inspiration like everyone else. Corporate types might wake up with the morning paper and other professionals may read their favorite magazines or news sites, but you need something else over breakfast. Find your inspiration each morning, whether you need help deciding what to blog about, which graphics to use in your posts, or how to write about your life while keeping readers interested and motivated.

Enjoy Your Coffee with Ed Young

Enjoy Your Coffee with Ed Young Image via Ed Young Blog If you're interested in learning how to create a blog that incorporates your values, you need serious inspiration. Begin your day reading content by Ed Young to see how you can successfully blog about your daily life while making smart use of widgets and add-ons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Remember, even if you write for a living, you can find inspiration everywhere. Each morning, look for blogs and articles that really speak to your faith, your love of books, music, or anything else you find inspiring.

Get Creative Using Codrops

Get creative Image via Tympanus Codrops is the blog belonging to Tympanus, a really creative agency specializing in web design and development. By reading this blog before starting your day, you'll get lots of information on the industry's latest trends in design, as well as thoughtful and informative UI content. If you're into serious design, you can also benefit from jQuery and CSS3 tutorials. From there, you can browse Codrop's selection of open source coding, shareware, and plugins.

Explore Copyblogger Over Toast

copyblogger Image via Copyblogger Copyblogger is an industry leader that teaches bloggers and designers about successful content marketing. You may not realize that the blog offers you a free resource with lessons about how to drive higher quality traffic to your blog. You can keep up-to-date on the blog or explore expert articles, read ebooks, and take advantage of webinars and seminars that can give you real-time advice on the latest SEO techniques.

Digest NoupeWith Your Breakfast

noupe Image via Noupe Noupe is an excellent resource for designers. It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a blogger looking to expand your creativity by designing your own look and template. Smashing Magazine, itself a big-hitting design blog, owns Noupe, so you know you're getting great information. You'll find easy to understand information about Java and AJAX, along with a wealth of tutorials that will teach you the best (and most believable) ways to use Photoshop.

Dig Into DailyBlogTips

dailyblogtips Image via DailyBlogTips Just as the name suggests, DailyBlogTips provides you with new and interesting tips and techniques every day. You can learn about everything from successful Internet marketing to the best ways to monetize your blog. Discover the truth behind vanity domains, figure out how to link successfully, and generally improve your strategies for content and design to drive more traffic to your own blogs and websites. Inspiration comes in many forms, whether you're looking into the latest blogging trends, the freshest design techniques, or a deeper sense of inspiration. What blogs do you read each morning? [smartads]

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