5 Ideas To Give Your Kids the best Birthday Ever

Parents always want to give their children memorable birthday parties and that always takes a little extra planning. The best part about unique kids' birthday parties is that they're a lot of fun for the parents to plan and execute. If your child's birthday is coming up, then put on your thinking cap and come up with something unique and fun.

DIY Decorations Party

DIY Decorations Party Begin your DIY decorations birthday party by having the kids make their own decorations; they can even decorate the cake as well. And of course, this should all done under strict adult supervision, and you may want to limit the use of implements such as scissors. You can start off with a cake that's frosted white, and let the kids decorate it themselves. Or everyone can get their own white frosted cupcake and decorate it how they want. Either way, the kids are bound to love how you've inspired them to embrace their own creativity. While you may never again have the imagination of a child, that shouldn't prevent you from coming up with some great birthday party ideas. Think outside the birthday cake and come up with something that your kids will never forget. What other ideas have you used for creative birthday parties?

Super Hero Party

Super Hero Party As a sort of spin on the costume party, you can make your child's next birthday party a super hero party. The only rub is that every child has to make up their own hero and make their own costume. For a party like this, you'd definitely need to offer a prize to inspire creativity. You can even offer a prize to the child who comes up with the best back story for her hero.

Backyard Sleepover

Backyard Sleepover A few tents and a supervised bonfire in the backyard can help your child's next birthday party become a backyard sleepover. Kids don't need to be taken out into the woods for a camping adventure. Most kids find plenty of adventure in your backyard. You may want to ask a couple of other parents to help supervise, just to be safe. You can have all of the party games out in the backyard and you can even get a cake in the shape of a tent.

Beach Party

Beach Party Some parents will open up the pool and turn their child's birthday party into a pool party. But if you want to take that to the next level, consider inviting everyone to the beach and turning it into a big beach party. You can set up a volleyball net and offer the kids beach treats. You can even get a cake that looks like a sand castle to complete the effect.

Costume Party

Custome design Most kids' parties just ask the attendees to show up, give the guest of honor a gift, have some cake, and then go home. But for something really different, you can turn your child's birthday party into a costume party. In the invitation, you can even forward an email with suggestions for parents to find good kids costumes, just to help out. Leave the format open, or go with a theme to make the party more interesting. You can even offer a prize for the best costume to help inspire creativity. [smartads]

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