5 kinds of special Christmas gifts for your baby

Your baby is your world, your most precious jewel that you need to take care and pamper with all your heart. You love to strive hard to make every day of your baby more exceptional than former to express your emotions towards the infant. This feeling of devotion is amplified on every celebrative day to make your baby’s childhood memorable for yourself as well as for baby to cherish in future. The first few celebrative events are more exciting for moms to do something noteworthy and amusing for their babies. As the countdown for Christmas starts, every mom would get busy to plan for the occasion and for her kid also. However, it’s not always easy to choose best and unique gifts for him/her as you already have bought and made many things as every day passes from the birth of the baby. To turn your difficulty into ease, we are suggesting some exciting Christmas gift ideas for cute lovely babies to make their eve memorable. christmas

Trendy robes

For small cutie pies, you can pick bathrobes and nightgowns with diverse designs and incredible shapes of various animals, birds, fishes, and teddies. It will look adoring and sweet when your baby will wear them. You can find all types and designs of such robes in the market or you can turn a simple robe into a shark fish by adding eyes and spiky teeth on the head of robe. These lovely pieces will serve dual purpose, as a tempting Christmas gift and also as a useable item in routine.

Christmas costumes

If you are finding a wonderful gift for your own baby or for some relative or friend’s baby, you just need to pick a conventions baby Santa dress. An adorable plump baby in the costume of Santa Claus will look extremely pleasant as the first Christmas gift. Other Christmas costume you may find at store is Elf hat and booties to snap most funny pictures of your kid on Christmas day.

Personalized gift

For making your baby’s first Christmas the most memorable one, you can grab some personalized gift ideas that will look stunning to place at baby’s room or even for his/her personal use. Few of such ideas might be; one piece baby dress with his name embroider on the bump, small colorful cushions with single alphabet of kid’s name on each of the cushion, nursery Christmas canvas print art to hang in newborn’s room etc for a special touch to the Eve of Christmas.

Handmade wearable

If you are creative and talented enough to craft some homemade wearable stuff made up of wool, thread, or fabric such as crochet caps, wool scarves and sweats, fabric headbands and bows, bow ties or pixie hats and anything, you can make with your own hands. It will not just look amazing but will also give you utmost satisfaction and happiness.

DIY toys

For a passionate mom, it is quite exciting and worthy to make small toys for her baby to keep the surroundings healthy and unique. You can find several simple as well as complex ideas to make handmade toys from the innovative sites, which provide you complete tutorials and instructions for creating the figure. Box and star shaped fabric fluffy toys for new born, colorful little bunny, sweet handcrafted dolls and many kinds of keepsakes are few of the nice ideas that you can utilize. [smartads] Author Bio AtiqUr Rehman is a talented web designer, and an avid writer. He loves to give his expert opinion on home decor, gift ideas, travelling, shopping and photography.

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