6 Celebs That Have Ruined Their Reputation in the Court of Public Opinion

Reputation management is a tricky task for mainstream celebrities. Though any small slip-up can impact a star’s reputation, major catastrophes typically happen after a landslide of questionable decisions and tabloid-worthy topics. Here are some top celebrities whose antics have majorly scarred their reputations.

Jumping the Couch

Tom Cruise: Jumping the Couch An obsessive devotion to scientology and bizarrely possessive relationship with Katie Holmes combined to fuel Tom Cruise’s rapid fall from favor. His reportedly controlling behavior lead to the pair’s divorce in 2012. A year after the divorce, new stories continue to emerge about the strict world he forced Holmes to live in. His deep involvement with Scientology was concerning enough to reportedly cause Leah Remini to leave the church. Years of increasingly strange behavior has contributed to a gradual fall from favor for this long-time celebrity. While the public isn’t likely to forget these celebrities' missteps, recovery is never impossible. With the right reputation management and a focused change in direction, it’s possible for nearly any star to climb back to the top.

Riding a Reputation Roller Coaster

Charlie Sheen: Riding a Reputation Roller Coaster Charlie Sheen’s career is filled with decades of ups and downs. Though his professional career hit a high with the popular sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” the success was short-lived. In 2011, the network killed off Sheen’s character. Aston Kutcher replaced him as the new male lead. He’s hardly cleaned up his act since the termination, and seems set on a path that only becomes the stranger. In 2012, one report claimed he was spending almost $2,000 on drugs every day, and his 2013 antics have included multiple excursions to track down mythological creatures.

Arrests, Probation, and Allegations

Lindsay Lohan Arrests, Probation, and Allegations Lindsay Lohan has faced a string of arrests that began in 2007 and never seemed to slow down. She’s plead guilty to driving under the influence and misdemeanor cocaine use. Probation violations and failed drug tests ensued en masse for years. In 2011, she plead not guilty to stealing jewelry in Venice. In 2012, Lohan faced two accusations of sideswiping people with her car, and one of punching a woman in the face outside a Manhattan club. It’s safe to say that the charming star of Disney’s remake of “The Parent Trap” is long gone. Whether Li-Lo will stay out of court long enough to rebuild her reputation hasn't yet been determined.

Rebuilding After a Stint in Psychiatric Care

Britney Spears Miley isn’t the only one who got a lot of media attention for a poorly planned VMA performance. In 2007, Britney’s questionable act signaled the beginning of a long downward spiral that she never quite recovered from. A month later Spears lost custody of her children, and in January 2008, she went into a psychiatric hospital. Since her release from the hospital in early 2008, she has gradually rebuilt some of her reputation, but the tarnish may never fade from the squeaky clean Disney star image she held in her youth.

Twerking to the Top of Celeb Gossip

Miley Cyrus

With her short bleach-blonde hair and trademark red lipstick, it’s clear that’s Miley’s new look is a far cry from her clean innocent image as Hannah Montana. What really got everyone talking, however, was Miley’s 2013 VMA performance filled with suggestive moves, nearly nude costumes, and plenty of tongue. The performance signals a change in the pop star’s image that’s been building since her split with Disney.

Miley’s bold new direction has everyone from the tabloids to prestigious news outlets addressing her decision. Though it's too soon to tell how far the starlet could fall, her image will certainly never be the same. She might want to look into doing some serious damage control with a reputable company like Reputation.com if she's ever going to have a hope of recovering some face.


Fanning the Flames with a Twitter-Fueled

Amanda Bynes Police arrested former child star Amanda Bynes in May 2013 for allegedly throwing a bong out the window of her 36th-floor apartment. This came after several months of bizarre behavior that included getting twin cheek piercings and shaving half of her head in a look that’s part Britney Spears and part Miley Cyrus. Following the strange decline in the star’s behavior was easy due to the fact that she regularly posted self-pics on Twitter that showcased her rapidly changing look. A psychiatric care facility placed her on an involuntary hold in June 2013. A Fox News report revealed that the star is suffering from PTSD and had a psychotic episode. The very public change in her image that occurred in the months leading up to her institutionalization may prove hard to bounce back from. [smartads]

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