8 Amazing German places all Backpackers should know

Germany is known for snow top mountains, deep valleys, raging estuaries and rivers. What makes it more astonishing is its superb climate and panoramic landscapes which looks like nature's own canvas painted with the colours of flowers and lush green outfields. Each year thousands of tourists visit Germany for vacations and leisure. Though the entire Germany is flooded with the ancient architecture cathedrals, museums, castles and some astonishing palaces, but here we have selected the most amazing 8 places in Germany which backpackers should know:

Mount Zugspitze

Mount Zugspitze Situated at 2962 meters above the sea level, the Mount Zugspitze gives the 360 degree view of Germany which you had never seen before. The mountain is been the home of adventure and winter sports activities and flooded with tourists all year round.


Cologne located in the northern Germany, the city of Cologne is the epic blend of modern and ancient cultures. At one end of the city, you could see the panoramic skyline of the city and at the other end; you can see the hundreds of cathedrals which are as much as two centuries old.

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle Built around the 10th century, the Schwerin Castle located in the ancient town of Schwerin is often known as the haunted castle. There were many stories associated with the castle; however it is completely safe for the visitors to enjoy breathtaking views and ancient german architecture.

The Obersee

The Obersee Located in the Berchtesgaden National Park in the south of Germany close to the Austrian border, the Obersee in English means the "upper lake". It is far better and beautiful than other lakes in Germany. Surrounded by the beautiful Alps Mountains, the crystal clear water of Obersee Lake gives it a hue impression of the sparkling diamond.


Sylt It's often the least explored places by the foreign tourists in Germany. Separated from the mainland, the island of Sylt is one of the best islands in the world. With 40 Km's of coastal line enriched with flora and fauna makes it a calm and peaceful place for vacations.


Bremen Located in the banks of wiser river, Bermen is the oldest town of Germany which is the real masterpiece of medieval art and architecture. If you are in Bermen then you will be surely amazed by the beautiful medieval buildings covered with wood blocks and artistic wooden beams that bring an amazing wooden texture to the buildings.

The Saar Loop

The Saar Loop, Germany Germany: Located between the regions of North East France and West Germany, the Saar loop is the rift valley adjoins the Saar River. The beautiful curve of the valley makes it look like a real gem when seen from the top of the hill. It offers great views for the photographers with eye catching surroundings.

Black Forest

Black Forest Located in the town of Baden in Schwarzwald, the black forest jewel is situated close to many wine regions in the area. Covered with densely forested black spruce fog trees, the Black Forest is located between the high mountain hills and deep valleys. The best way to explore this amazing destination is by walking safari. Make sure you carry water and climbing gears before entering in the Visiting Germany is always filled with fun, adventures and some lifetime memories. You can visit Germany throughout the year, but most appropriate season would be from March to November. Almost all leading international carries operates daily flights to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin. You can get best connecting flights from Delta airlines all across Europe and America. To avoid hassles do advance bookings well before departure, you can get Delta airlines phone number and other airlines number on their respective websites or check with your tour planner. Happy Journey! [smartads]

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