8 Strictly Summer Activities

Ah, summertime. It is definitely my favorite season of all. Skin tans, pools open, and margaritas are in abundance. With summertime rapidly approaching, everyone is trying to get into their bikini body shape. Me, on the other hand, I am looking forward to not working out but rather laying out by the pool this summer. Here are 8 more things I will be looking forward to this summer:

The BBQ's

The BBQ's Hello, barbecue season! It's time to take out the grill that you stored away for winter and throw some big juicy slabs of meat on the griddle. Whip up some burgers, hot dogs, or steaks and invite your friends and family over. Summer is meant to be spent outside. So enjoy it! It only comes around once a year. Try some delicious new barbecue recipes to bring to your next get together.

The light hair

The light hair As a blonde, my hair gets this weird and awkward gray blonde color in the winter. I am 23 years old. In no way should my hair color ever be described as "gray." But when summertime rolls around, that sunlight brings out my natural blonde highlights. People even ask me if I got my hair "did" recently. I eat those compliments up, you guys.

The pedicures

The pedicures You know how in the winter you forget about your feet because they are always covered up by socks, boots, or slippers? Well the summertime is prone to show off your little toes. So pedicures are a must! And what girl doesn't like getting pampered by a pedicure?

The concerts

The concerts Summertime is filled with concerts. They might as well call it concert season. There are so many bands touring during the summer and outdoor festivals happen all over the country. If you haven't been, you must go to a music festival. Do it. Go this summer. I promise, you won't regret it.

The longer days

sunbath Winter days are so short. So that means everyone sleeps longer and is way lazier because no one wants to go outside in the cold. But in the summer, the nights start later and the mornings start earlier. You have so much more time to do activities! Or, you know, just hang out by the pool. Drinking.

The clothes

The clothes Winter clothes are so frumpy. I hate it. I love the freedom of tank tops, shorts, and sandals. Not everyone can pull off a giant sweater and boots. But let's face it, everybody looks good in a pair of aviators.

The drinks

The drinks Hello, alcohol. Only during the summertime is it socially acceptable to drink outside in front of little kids. Patios, pools, any place where the sun is shining is free game to have a drink in your hand.

The pool

The pool I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the pool in my neighborhood to open its gates and let the pale, white girls in. I am in desperate need of a tan and summer is the only way to do it. I refuse to lie in a tanning bed. No thank you, germs. [smartads]

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