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I’ve been travelling for 2 years almost. I’ve visited Thailand, Singapore and more than half of Europe. When I was just starting on my passion the biggest problem I faced was booking hotels and especially when I was trying to book hotel near my desired place. I’m not a millionaire or something so the second biggest hurdle which pissed me off in the past was my limited budget. Finding a hotel room near my desired place in my reasonable budget was almost impossible. Believe me finding a hotel room as per your needs is equally difficult. I’ve learned many things from my experience. I don’t want to you to experience the same horrible nights which I spent during my travelling.

Book hotel room in advance

You must book hotels in advance online. Yes! Now days it is the easiest and pretty effortless way to book hotels online. You can schedule your booking earlier which saves you from looking here and there and finding on google maps for hotels. There are many websites and online companies that offer online hotel booking services. I personally use This is because it’s very easy to use and there customer service and support is awesome. You can use any online website as long as it serves the purpose but this one is seriously good.

Pre-plan your trip

If you are going to Amsterdam or Berlin etc pre-plan all the places where you want to go. All sights which are famous and worth visiting. Gather some information about all the restaurants. You better know what I’m trying to say. Just do some homework!

Make a budget

Now this one is really important. Make a budget first before travelling. It helps a lot. With budget already made and your pre planned venue, you know what to do, where to and how much to spend. If you don’t bother to make a proper budget and show laziness. It confirm that you’ll face problems. In worst case you may even have to cancel your trip in a midway. Cancelling a trip which you are of dreaming for months is very painful.   These were my tips based on my experience. You may not realize now but these tips can save you from big problems.  

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