America’s Latest Billionaires – Bill Gates Again at the Top

America leads and rules the world. Well, it is obvious and all and sundry are well aware of the fact. In many areas and fields, the US rules as well. In the richest people’s list, often Americans are found. The biggest industries of the world, food chains, restaurants, departmental stores and the likes are from the U.S. Thus U.S. enjoys being the wealthiest. This article will talk about those super rich of the U.S. who are enjoying life king size. Check out the list, which has recently been released. Interestingly the list carries many positions as it is – like the previous one.

Michael Bloomberg - $25 Billion

Michael Bloomberg - $25 Billion At number 10th is none other than the owner of the Bloomberg Inc. Michael is from New York City and runs this world’s leading and U.S’s most popular company. He has net worth as $25 billion.

Robson Walton - $26.1 Billion

Robson Walton - $26.1 Billion Robson is from Bentonville, Arkansas. The man is the 9th richest American in the U.S. with the mammoth net worth of $26.1 billion. He owns Wal-Mart, the prominent U.S. business. He enjoys good repute in the U.S.

Alice Walton - $26.3 Billion

Alice Walton - $26.3 Billion Well, this man, aged 63, too is from the America’s top notch business firm, Wal-Mart. He enjoys the net worth of $26.3 billion and he holds the 8th position on the richest Americans’ list. He is from Texas, U.S.A.

Jim Walton - $26.8 Billion

Jim Walton - $26.8 Billion He is from Bentonville in Arkansas. The business tycoon too is from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has many Americans on the richest people’s list. He is 65 and is the 7th richest American on the top 10 list.

Christy Walton & Family - $27.9 Billion

Christy Walton & Family - $27.9 Billion She is aged 58 and she is from the family who owns Wal-Mart, as all have been described in above lines. She is net worth $27. 9 billion. She is from Jackson, Wyoming. She is much famous in the U.S. and holds good status in the U.S. business industry.

Charles Koch - $31 Billion

Charles Koch - $31 Billion Well, on 5th and 4th positions on the top 10 richest U.S. new billionaires’ list, two people have the same net worth. But we have put them on 5th and 4th whereas in actual, they both share one position. Charles is from Wichita, Kansas. Aged 77, his net worth is $31 and he owns various businesses.

David Koch - $31 Billion

David Koch - $31 Billion He is from New York City and he too has the same net worth as Charles has - $31 billion. He is aged 72 years old and he too like Charles runs various natures of businesses. He has good worth in the business abode of the U.S.

Larry Ellison - $41 Billion

Larry Ellison - $41 Billion Next on the list is Larry Ellison. Now the richest comes from the IT field. Often we see that the people from the world of information technology lands on the top notch positions of the world’s richest. This is because today’s era is of technology-dominated. Ellison too is from IT world. He owns Oracle and has net worth as $41 billion.

Warren Buffet - $46 Billion

Warren Buffet - $46 Billion This man is 82 and enjoys the 2nd position on the America’s latest billionaires. He is from Omaha, Nebraska. He owns the famed U.S. business entity called Berkshire Hathaway. With $46 billion net worth, he is the 2nd richest American businessman.

Bill Gates - $66 Billion

Bill Gates - $66 Billion Bill Gates, the name which is known even to the kids of the world, is the one U.S. businessman who often lands on the top position of the world’s richest. He has the tendency of snatching the top positions of the world’s and America’s richest people. He is the owner of Microsoft Corporation and has $66 billion net worth. [smartads]

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