America’s Top Notch Famous Richest People – Bill Gates at the Top

Forbes releases the top richest people in the world and also the publication release the top richest Americans as well every year. The annual list of Forbes about the rich people is loved to be read by the world masses. Even the list is awaited hugely. In this article, we will discuss about the top 10 richest people in the U.S. of 2013. One thing has been noticed in this list that more than 70 percent of the people in the list are self-made billionaires. Go on and enjoy browsing the article.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Michael is at the 10th place on the list of the richest Americans. He is the owner of Bloomberg. His net worth is around $25 billion and the source of his income is Bloomberg LP. He is a self made businessman and aged 70 years.

Robson Walton

Robson Walton Robson Walton is at number 9th. The businessman is swathed with $26.1 billion net worth. He is the owner of Walmart and the source of his income is Walmart, which he has inherited. His age is 68 years.

Alice Walton

Alice Walton This stunning and gorgeous woman is at the number 8th place and she enjoys the net worth as $26.3 billion. She is aged 62 and her source of income is Walmart. She is a quite famed woman and is projected in the media often.

Jim Walton

Jim Walton Jim Walton lands on the 7th place on the list. This smiling face man has net worth as $26.8 billion and the source of his wealth is Walmart which he too has inherited. His age is 64 and he is a dashing richest American.

Christie Walton and Family

Christie Walton and Family Well, another woman is from the business of Walmart. Yes, Walmart produces many richest people of America. She has net worth as $27.9 billion and the source of her wealth and income is ofcourse Walmart. She is aged 57.

David Koch

David Koch Follows next on the list is David Koch. This American businessman has net worth as $31 billion and the source of this businessman’s wealth is Diversified. His age is 71 and he enjoys good status in the U.S being the richest of the nation.

Charles Koch

Robson Walton Next lands on the list at the 4th place is none other than Charles Koch who has net worth as $31 billion. And the source of this U.S. richest businessman is Diversified. His age is 76 and he is among the top richest of the U.S.

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison Larry Ellison lands on the third place on the richest Americans’ list. The suave dashing man enjoys biggest wealth. His net worth is around $41 billion and the source of his wealth is Oracle. Yup, he is from the world of information technology. His age is 68. Computer giants have always been the richest people in America and even in the world. Computer, Information Technology and other technology fields have produced many richest people in the world.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett This self-made businessman’s net worth is $ 47 billion and his source of wealth is not one rather many. The aged man enjoys true praiseworthy status in the U.S. Aged 82, he is the 2nd richest man in America.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Information Technology and software giant Bill Gates, the businessman who has been at the number one spot of the world’s richest people for many a time, enjoys the first place at the list of the America’s richest people. His net worth is $68 billion and he was the owner of Microsoft. He was died on 57. [smartads]

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