Burn Belly Fats off the Body Doing Easy 10 Exercises

Although today’s generation is much crazy after losing the weight off the body, but the belly weight is what every woman and man want to loss. Obviously the fat belly spoils the personality and drops your charms in other people’s eyes. Therefore it is now a necessity to burn the belly fat. There are a number of exercises available which can surely burn the fat off the belly. Read the article completely and learn about those exercises.

Long Arm Crunch

Long Arm Crunch image source: fitstudio Long arm crunch exercise happens to be the apt source for burning the fat from the belly. This is quite useful. In order to do this, you need to lie on the floor or you can use the mat as well. Then extend your arms in straight position behind by keeping them clasped and next to your ears. Now gradually contract your abs and then lift up the shoulders off the floor by keeping the arms straight.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch image source: fitstudio You need to lie on the floor and your legs have to be straight up and your knees crossed. You now need to place your hands beneath the head. Then contract the abs by lifting your shoulders off the floor keeping the legs in a fixed position to crunch.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise Ball Crunch image source: fitstudio Take an exercise ball and then lie on the ball with lower back in support. You then need to place the hands behind your head. You now need to lift your torso and doing so, you need to contract the abs for pulling the rib cage’s bottom towards the hips. When your curl up, the ball should be stable. After that, lower back down for stretching the abs.

The Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

The Captain’s Chair Leg Raise image source: fitstudio You need to have a captain’s chair in addition to a rack with padded arms to allow the legs hanging free. This can be found in gyms and health clubs and from the market also. Stand on the chair and then grip the hand holds. Pressing back against the pad, raise your knees to your chest for contracting the abs. Later lower them back down.

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise By putting the hands at your head’s back, you need to land into a supine position. By lifting your shoulders off the floor, you need to bring the knees to your chest. Then gradually go on bringing the right elbow towards the left knee by straightening the right leg. Then switch the sides and continue this in pedaling position.

Weight Training

Weight Training image source: fitstudio Weight training is much beneficial exercise for burning the fats. Not only does it burn the fats from the belly but also from the entire body. This is the most important benefit for this exercise. By lifting the weights, you burn the fat as you continue exercise. It also enhances your metabolism that is quite helpful in burning the calories long after your workout session is over.

Interval Training

Interval Training image source: fitstudio The fact remains that the high intensity workouts are helpful burning the fat faster than lower or moderate intensity ones. But not everyone is able to do so. Thus interval training comes up for burning the fats like you do 5 minutes running at 7 mph on treadmill, then reduce it to 2 minutes at 8 mph and then reduce the speed again.

Barbell Rollout

Barbell Rollout image source: ibodz Barbell rollout is another exercise for burning the belly fat. By loading the barbell with ten pound plates and affixing the collars, you need to kneel on the floor grabbing the bar with an overhand and shoulder width grip. The shoulders’ position should be directly over the barbell by keeping the lower back arched naturally. Gradually the ball should be rolled forward by extending the body as you can. Then pause for two seconds and reverse the move.

Walking and Jogging

Walking and Jogging These two are the easiest exercises available to lose weight and burn the fats from the body in particular from the belly. You can go walking and jogging early in the morning or in the evening. The recommended way is to do it on a track.


Swimming image source: fitstudio Swimming is not only pleasurable but also beneficial for burning the fats off the body. You can burn the fats from your belly as well by plunging into the water and doing swimming. [smartads]

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