Celebrities Who Own Ten of the Most Expensive Dream Homes

Among those involved in the home building industry, the career jackpot comes whenever a celebrity puts in an order to build a knock-your-socks-off dream home somewhere in the world. Yes, rich celebrities are different than most people and they have the fabulously expensive and outrageously priced homes to prove it. Here are ten of the world's most expensive celebrity homes designed to encourage oohs and aahs of both wonder and envy:

Spelling Estate

Spelling Estate "Charlie's Angel" producer Aaron Spelling started his entertainment career as a character actor, but after amassing millions working behind the camera, he saw his ultimate home building dream come true with his $150 million Beverly Hills estate that neighbors originally thought was going to be a hotel. Encompassing almost 57,000 square feet, the Spelling Estate features three kitchens, four garages and even three separate rooms for gift wrapping activities to please Spelling's spouse, Candy.

Bill and Melinda Gates Home

Bill and Melinda Gates Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, considered by most to be the richest man in the world, had his dream home built in Medina, Washington to the tune of more than $147 million. Visitors to the property, who wear a pin that can control such things as room temperature and lighting volume, can indulge in a regular size bowling alley along with an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Oprah Winfrey Home

Oprah Winfrey Talk show maven Oprah Winfrey may have grown up poor in Alabama, but she's living the high life now in Montecito, California ever since she moved into a 23,000 square foot mansion valued at $85 million. It comes complete with its very own rose garden, tea house and manmade lake to house a collection of exotic fish.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner's Los Angeles Playboy Mansion ranks among the ten most expensive celebrity dream homes, valued at almost $55 million and serving as the infamous home of the models known as Playboy Bunnies. Hef's Mansion features its very own animal menagerie, swimming grotto, game room and wine cellar.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel "Piano Man" musician and entertainer Billy Joel had enough gold record albums to afford an expensive celebrity home in Miami Beach, FL, covering more than 300,000 square feet and priced at more than $35 million. Two of the properties main bathrooms are carved out of onyx and limestone imported from Europe.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Comedian Jerry Seinfeld's long-running comedy series may have been a show about nothing, but his spectacular mansion in the Hamptons has plenty of everything, including a garage to house 22 cars, its own baseball field and guesthouse. The price tag on this funnyman's digs is a cool $32 million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 's Home

Arnold Schwarzenegger The actor best known for being the terminator who then became the California Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, boasts a country estate in Brentwood, California worth more than $23 million. He's currently pretty lonely spending time in its almost 15,000 square feet since wife Maria split over his affair with the housekeeper.

Will Smith 's Home

Will Smith Will "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Smith, chose the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas for his home building dream which resembles an authentic castle complete with its own golf course, tennis courts and basketball courts, for a very modest $20 million.

Will Smith 's Home

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are empty nesters since the kids moved out of their Beverly Hills celebrity home, spread out over almost 11,000 square feet sprawled over two acres and priced at $10 million. With ten bathrooms, they can play musical chairs and choose a different one every day of the week.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods This golf pro built a $60 million dollar home on the exclusive Jupiter island in Florida. Interestingly enough Tiger's ex-wife did not get this home as apart of their divorce proceedings.

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  1. Kc

    Almost everyone of these houses does not belong to the people you wrote they belong to. That is not Oprah’s house. That is not Tiger Wood’s house. That is not Billy Joel’s house. The second house you have listed as Will Smith’s is not his. It does not belong to Sharon/Ozzy Osbourne either. That is not Jerry Seinfeld’s Hampton’s home. The Spelling mansion was sold two years ago to one of Bernie Ecclestone’s daughters.

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