Check Out the Best Home Security System Companies

The market is filled with thousands of home security system companies claiming to offer you the best equipments for the safety and security of your home and place. It is really much hard decision to take which one to choose from the giant list. Thus to narrow your search and letting you the best home security systems available in the market, we bring up the top 10 list of home security systems. Let’s check them out.

Protection One

protection1 Number 10th position is grabbed by Protection One, which interestingly holds the distinction of being the 2nd largest home security system company in the US. It enjoys a great bureau rating in the country. The company offers home security systems and also offers the security systems. The home and business packages are offered by the company. You can find wide range of security equipments to choose from.

Alarm Zone

alarm zone Next is Alarm Zone, which is though a giant company in the trade of home security systems, but it lacks few essentials which other bigger company possess. Well, these essentials include carbon monoxide sensors and an accredited central monitoring station, which they do not offer.

Xfinity Home Security

Xfinity Home Security At number 8th is Xfinity Home Security that started off its business in 2012’s mid. Well, the only disadvantage of this company is its being a newcomer in the field otherwise it has all the home security companies need to carry on the business. The first release of the systems was quite expensive, later the company managed the rates.

Pinnacle Security

Pinnacle Security The company has been in the trade for last 10 years and so. It is based in Orem, Utah. Pinnacle Security also deals with the security companies such as Protect America and FrontPoint Security. It also offers its services through another ginat The company carries a big collection of security products such as unique image sensor that clicks the pictures whenever it detects the movements and then sends the photo to you via e-mail.


SafeMart SafeMart enjoys a great Bureau Rating and above all its monthly rate for the services is much reasonable. But the upfront costs of the company are higher. The basic security package of the company does not include cellular-ready control panel, and cellular monitoring otherwise it is fabulous from all aspects.


Vivint The company has been serving the customers for more than 15 years. It is based outside Provo, Utah. The company’s brilliance and popularity lies in their door to door sales. Now the company’s focus had landed onto online sales. The company has the unique control panel home security system that is much popular.

LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security The company began doing its business in 2002. The company is credited high in the market with excellent bureau ratings. LifeShield is famed for their innovative products. It also holds 20 patents in home security fraternity. For the wireless home security systems, the company offers the customers – do it yourself and professional installation services.

ADT Security

ADT Security Number third position on the list is fetched by ADT Security – the company which has been in the trade of home security systems for more than a century. It has more than 6 million customers and the company is proud of this distinction. The systems offered by the company can only be installed by the professionals. It only offers home security systems and they too are available in big range.

Protect America

Protect America The company has been doing the business for over 20 years successfully. It has also pioneered in DIY home security model and self-installation. These two methods are much popular these days and the company’s distinction is they offer the same to the customers. The security systems at Protect America are from GE Security. Above all they carry lifetime warranty until you are their customer.

FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint Security The company has been in business since 2007 and enjoys bigger Bureau ratings. Plus it has A grade rating that puts the company on the top position in the market. There is no other company that can fit to Front Point’s profile. The company offers exceptional and great customer service. [smartads]

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