Check out the Hotness of 10 Canadian Hottest and Gorgeous Actresses

Canada has shared and open borders with the U.S. and since Hollywood, America’s giant entertainment industry is there in the U.S., because of it the Canadian entertainment business too gets boom. Where Hollywood’s hottest actresses are in demand and loved heavily and crazily by the world fans, their counterparts in adjacent or neighboring country too are followed and loved hugely by their aficionados. Most of the Canadian actresses work in Hollywood. This list of the top 10 hottest Canadian actresses will let you know about the top notch beauties in the Canadian entertainment industry who mostly work in Hollywood. Enjoy browsing the complete article below.

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter Sarah rose to fame and came under the limelight when she did the 2003’s popular film ‘Final Destination 2’. Carter is presently busy with a much-watched series on television aired on TNT channel titled Falling Skies.

Stana Katic

Stana Katic Her claim to fame is the famous ABV’s show ‘Castle’. Stana, who is from Hamilton, Ontario, has played the role of a detective Kate Beckett on this police dramedy. She is now all geared up to make her mark on the big screen. Let’s wait to watch her on celluloid.

Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan Dusky beauty with curvy body structure actress, Vanessa is most popular among the kids than the adults. Reason is obvious because she works in a kids’ show ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’. It is a Canadian show and these days airs on Disney Channel. She is an Ontario based actress.

Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort She is from Toronto and she first hit the scene with a Canadian show ‘Instant Star’ which got popular among the viewers. In the U.S, her big break came when she enacted the role of a Supergirl in the show ‘Smallville’. She has done many other shows as well since then.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly She made the men go crazy for her beauty and sex appeal, which she has in plenty, when she had done the character of Kate Austen in the TV show ‘Lost’. Millions of men had gone made for her. She is a real class and possesses the beauty which is tremendously alluring.

Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes Well, she is often compares to the beautiful model and actress Megan Fox, but she has her own beauty, style and curvy sexy figure to rave big about. She is famous for being a 90210 actress. Her roles in Autopsy, The Devil’s Carnival and The Haunting of Molly Hartley made her real famous.

Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon Sarah Gadon, the hot and cute Canadian actress, is all geared up to become super rich and icon of millions of the hearts. She has done the major part in the movie ‘Cosmopolis’. She has previously done a role in 2011’s film ‘A Dangerous Method’.

Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes Well, this super hot and happening babe from Toronto is all the time super high among the paparazzi. She is the hot favorite of the tabloids and is the central attraction of all the parties happening in LA. She rose to fame with 90210.

Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas She is a Vancouver born actress. She turned famous with CW show and her roles in the popular TV series 90210. Other shows like Melrose Place also made her famous. She is a beauty and brilliant actress. Her hotness is all the time high.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui This Montreal born Canadian actress was a big name in HBO’s Entourage. She also had guest appearances on the shows like The Mentalist and The Borgias. She is expected to get major roles in more shows and films in Hollywood. She is quite hot and sexy and has big fan following. [smartads]

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