Common Pests That Can Take Over Your Home

You're sitting on your couch after a long day, relaxing while watching your favorite movie. Suddenly, you see something scurry along the floor behind a piece of furniture. As you investigate, you discover that there's a mouse in your house. This little mouse could only be one of the many pests that can invade your home and your life. Once you see that these pests have decided to take over your home, you can try to get rid of them on your own with traps and various products that you can spray around your home. If these items don't work, you can contact a pest control company that has more options for getting rid of all types of pests.

1. Mice

It's common to see a mouse or two in your home once in a while, especially if you live near a field or if it's rained a significant amount in a short time. If mice are left to roam around your home, they can quickly begin to reproduce. They can nibble on the edges of walls, on your furniture, and even on the wires in your home. Sticky traps or traditional mouse traps work well to get rid of mice in a short time.

2. Termites

These are sneaky pests that often create tunnels in the walls of your home or in the foundation of your home. You'll know that you have termites if you see what look like flying ants on your floors, on counters, or on top of appliances. You'll also notice walls and other areas that are made of wood getting weak over time. A pest control company like Moxie Pest Control would need to be called in order to completely treat the termites in your home.

3. Roaches

The only time that you'll usually see roaches is at night. They tend to live in the walls of your home and behind large appliances. Roaches can carry various types of bacteria, which is why it's important to try to get the infestation under control as soon as possible.

4. Ants

There are numerous types of ants that can invade your home. Small black ants often come out in droves while red ants might appear only a few at a time. Carpenter ants are large and tend to get inside the walls of your home, feeding off of the wood that's available.

5. Beetles

Although you might see a few beetles outside your home on your flowers and plants, there are a few types that can get inside your home as well. A powderpost beetle can make a home inside your walls and floors. You'll notice that you have them because of small holes that appear that they burrow through. Contact a pest control company that can exterminate the beetles before they begin to damage the structure of your home.

6. Bedbugs

These bugs are very small and are usually seen in the crevices of your mattresses and box springs. They also like to live in the crevices of furniture. Bedbugs quickly reproduce and can leave small red marks on your skin. Once you notice signs of these pests, you need to contact a pest control company that has the proper supplies to get them out of your home.

7. Bees

Most bees will make a nest outside your home. However, if you have an attic, you might notice a nest in one of the corners. Some bees can get inside your walls and build a highly detailed nest that you might not even notice until you begin to hear buzzing in your home.

8. Centipedes

These are not pretty to look at and often invade when it's wet outdoors. They have several legs on them and are usually seen in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Fortunately, you'll usually see about one or two at a time instead of a large number of them. Avoid picking them up with your hands because they can pinch your skin.

9. Squirrels

One of the pests that you might not expect to see in your home is a squirrel. They enjoy getting in the rafters of the upper areas of homes. Although there are only about one or two squirrels that will usually get inside your home, they can chew through wires and wood.

10. Flies

Flies are common pests that you can see in your home at any time of the year. This pest tends to reproduce more often in the spring and summer. They swarm around everything from food that's on counters to your head while you're sitting on the couch. Whenever you see any kind of pest that you can't control on your own, it's better to seek the assistance of a pest control company. The company will have traps and other items that can get the pests from your home in a short time. Future treatments can be performed to keep them from invading your life.

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