Enjoy 10 Famous Web Browsers of the World

Web browsers’ demand is supremely high among the world users of the web. The reason is obvious – web’s importance which is shooting to heights and heights. There are a number of web browsers around and one, in particular the new ones, often gets confused which is to use for faster and secure results? In this article, we will help you out thoroughly by dashing off the top 10 most used web browsers. browser Avant’s speciality is that it allows the users to browse the web with more fast speed and more security. The users enjoy browsing while using this web browser. This one is laced with most useful features, which the users simply like as it has user friendly interface. It was launched in 2004. Launched in 2006, Sea Monkey happens to be the free and open source internet suite and is one of the much in use Internet browser which possesses all types of browsing features like e-mail sending, web browsing, chatting and more. It can be called all-in-one-Internet suite. It is called one of the fastest web browsers on the web and it is used by whopping amount of users. It supports Microsoft Windows OS. There are a number of useful and enticing features this browser has like fast speed. It also has security features. Although Maxthon is not super fast web browser, but it has unqiue and classy features which are really great. It lets the users to customize the skin, look and theme easily. It is quite in use and the users love it. It is undoubtedly one of the much in use web browsers and is also called the social web browser. Released in 2010, Rocktmelt is now the world’s fastest web browser and has become the unique web browser which focuses on the search like Google search with social media like Twitter and Facebook. It is called the oldest web browser in the globe with more than 270 million users. Launched in 1994, Opera has now become the much in use web browser of the world and has a mobile version called Opera Mini. Opera Mini is quite popular for all types of mobile operating system. It is much used and world renowned web browser of the world used by the whopping amount of web users in the world. A super popular browser, Safari has been developed by Apple Inc. It was first released in 2003. It is best for Mac and iOs users. Internet Explorer or IE is undoubtedly the world’s oldest and much in use web browser in the world. It supports Windows fully. Released way back in 1995, it has been designed in a manner that all types of web pages can easily be seen and browsed in it. It also endows the users with some enticing features. Firefox has become the world’s top notch quality web browser in the world. It has left the likes of market giant Internet Explorer behind. It was launched in 2004. The great and most appealing features of Mozila Firefox include the add-ons. It is famous for fast browsing and security. On the web, Google Chrome is called the one of the best and brilliant web browsers which the users love to browse and use for the fast speed. It has also become the super downloaded web browser on the Internet. Launched in September 2008, Chrome is all the rage among the world users. [smartads]

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