Event Planning For Hotels – Leave No Stone Unturned!

event planning Are you an event manager for a hotel? Perhaps you have been put in charge of planning an event for your hotel for the first time and you’re panicking? Whatever has brought you here to this article we’d love to help! Planning any sort of event is stressful but if you are working for a hotel then it’ll be essential that you pull it off. Everyone knows that the better job you do the more repeat business you will get – and then there is the word of mouth business that you’ll get as it benefits your reputation. Anyone planning an event, whether it be a wedding, a party or something else, will feel that pressure of getting it just right. Event planners know that happy guests make a happy party so pull out all the stops when you’re planning your event. Here are some tips that you really need to know:

Get the Venue Right

You’re already onto a winner if you work for a hotel as you’ll have all the facilities you need available to you. But consider the outdoor issues too. People will want to escape the main party every now and again and you need to make sure that this is possible. If the weather is fine then people will want to use the gardens for photos and for general relaxing and if the weather isn’t so great then they will still need to go outside for a bit of fresh air every now and again. The best solution is a pop-up canopy or two dotted around – they will be a great asset as they are somewhere both to take shelter from the sun’s strong rays and also any heavy downpours. They are easy to hire or buy – just look online.

Get the Brief Right

Spend a lot of time speaking with the client to make sure you completely understand their brief. Together, set a realistic budget for the event and warn them of any overspends. Consider what music they want, what catering they need and any other special requests. As a facilitator you need to let them know that nothing is too much trouble – go the extra mile and they will remember it forever.

Get the Follow Up Right

Take some time to seek some feedback from the client and you’ll learn a lot. Ask them what went well and what they would have changed. You’ll be able to bear it in mind for the next event you are planning. And if they give you really good feedback then you can use it as a testimonial (with their consent) to gain future business. Planning an event is stressful but get it right and you’ll be able to take the credit for a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. Make sure that nothing is too much trouble for you – imagine what sort of service you would like from an event planner and make sure you deliver it. The sense of satisfaction when you stand back and watch everyone enjoying themselves will be immense! Author byline Nathan Jakes designs portable shelters for rhinoshelters.com. He is party lover and often throws parties at his place on weekends. He also has sound knowledge of event management and has shared some useful tips about party planning in this post.

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