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Are you on the quest for eternal youth?  What is the magic bullet for living a strong, healthy life?  With all the information in the media today, it’s become so difficult to discern the truth from fabrication. It can be paralyzing. To succeed at most goals, a proven strategy is to break it down into manageable and measurable steps. Follow these tips from the experts and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of a strong body and mind. Professionals agree on several key common denominators to sustain healthy lifestyles.  The value of string relationships cannot be understated. Focusing on strengthening the relationships you have with your spouse, partner, family and friends. This will pay back in terms of strong health in immeasurable ways. Work towards developing a strong and limber body. Like strengthening relationships, this won’t happen overnight, but you will begin to see changes after a few short weeks. If you’re going from couch binger to workout guru – take it slow. There’s nothing worse than going intentions coming to a halt because of injury. Anything that is begun with too much zest and indulgence tends to be sort lived. The goal here is to make lifestyle changes and that happens slowly and deliberately.  Face it, you didn’t get out of shape overnight – you won’t get back in shape in a matter of weeks. Set short term goals.  Very few can sustain a crossfit class at the beginning of a new workout regime, but it can certainly be a goal to attend crossfit classes. Plan to walk for 30 minutes a day and do a light weight workout three times per week. A single session with a personal trainer for guidance on beginning weight training will be time and money well spent. Rethink your consumption. Generally the two largest eating challenges most Americans face are sugar consumption and portion sizes. Get a handle on these and continue with your new exercise regime. You will be able to strengthen your muscle and lose 3-4 pounds per week. Good luck on your new journey!

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