In Theaters or On Demand: The 5 Movies You Have to See This Year

If you’re like me, you’ve started to hear it. That voice at the back of your mind. It tells you “There’s no way you can get to the theater to see all the awesome new movies coming out.” Not without making your wallet cry. So it comes down to a decision. Which movies do you have to see in theaters? And which can you afford to wait for On Demand? According to the new, most On Demand servicesoffer the latest blockbusters as soon as they’re released, so you can watch them that much sooner. So, in the theater or On Demand? Let’s break it down

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

Man of Steel(June 14, 2013) Why you should watch: Since the first “Anchorman” is, literally, one of the funniest movies ever, there’s a lot riding on its sequel. The news team is back, the mustache is bushier than ever, and everyone’s favorite funny lady, Kristen Wiig, joins the cast.

Catching Fire (November 22, 2013)

Catching Fire Why you should watch: Do you really need an explanation? It’s KatnissEverdeen against the Capitol! Again! Big screen or your screen? Why would you skip out on your best attempt to recreate a Capitol costume? Cake on the makeup and throw on your neon layers with plenty of tulle; the midnight premiere is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

The Wolf of Wall Street (November 15, 2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street Why you should watch: Chances are you’ve seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Pop and Lock” GIF, so you know it’s imperative that you see the whole movie. Another book turned movie (seriously Hollywood?), Leo plays a ‘90s stockbroker simply awash with cash. Problems ensue, but none in the form of a spoiled socialite hogging the floating door. I think. Big screen or your screen? Martin Scorsese is known for directing films that become cult classics, and “The Wolf of Wall Street” might be next on that list. See it in theaters to have one of those “I saw it when it was new” moments later on.

The Bling Ring (June 14, 2013)

the blind ring Why you should watch: It’s one of this year’s most talked about films. The casting team lucked out with an acceptance from mega-star Emma Watson, who embraces her character’s world of extreme opulence with her usual grace and style. Big screen or your screen? Grab your popcorn…from the microwave. This is prime “movie night with the girls” material. Revel in your PJs and fuzzy slippers while the characters strut in their (stolen?) high heels and mini-dresses.

Man of Steel(June 14, 2013)

Man of Steel Why you should watch: It’s a new take on one of America’s most beloved stories. Super and casual fans alike will enjoy a revisit to Superman’s early years. And ladies, Henry Cavill beefed up for the role. Enough said. Big screen or your screen? This film is big. Big muscles, big superhero fights, big CGI effects. So, it only seems fitting to see this big movie on the big screen. Big screen or your screen? It’s a toss-up. The first one was so funny, but the trend for sequels usually heads toward, well, less funny. I say play it safe. Plug your ears to silence spoilers and wait for On Demand. If it’s awesome: Anchorman 3! If it’s not, I’ll have saved you 15 bucks. You’re welcome. [smartads]

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