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Commonly called veterinary technicians or veterinary technologists, vet techs carry out a number of jobs at their workplace. Generally working under the guidance of the vet, their role is similar to that of a nurse inside a human clinic. However, vet tech not only does a nurse’s job but also of a laboratory specialist, anesthesiologist, surgical technician and much more. That being said, their job responsibilities can span from basic emergency to performing medical diagnosis in a laboratory. dog baby dog Vet Tech Job Description A veterinary technician has many responsibilities like:
  • Taking care of animals needing emergency care and offering similar treatments like an ER assistant.
  • Monitoring animals, documenting overall health problems, combining histories, and administering treatments, as suggested by veterinarian.
  • Performing the job of an anesthesiologist, directing the anesthetic and examining the animals’ insides.
  • Working like a surgical technician, ensuring all equipments and tools are fully sterilized and working properly.
  • Preparing the animals for surgical processes.
  • Carrying out diagnosis in a laboratory like testing urine, stool and blood samples X-Rays.
Vet Tech Salary Range The vet tech salary range goes from anywhere between $21,390 and $45,710 annually—an average vet tech salary coming out to be $32, 350 per year. According to a statistic report by U.S. Department of Labor, the following are the states having highest vet tech salary:

State                                                                            Avg. Annual Wage

  • Alaska                                                                         $40,970
  • Massachusetts                                                          $40,120
  • New York                                                                   $39,740
  • Connecticut                                                               $38,600
  • California                                                                   $37,220
As per the figures mentioned above, the hourly wage for vet tech may go as high as $21.98 to as low as $10.28. Factors that influence a vet tech salary Many variables are considered while calculating the salary of a veterinary technician. Like any other job, both experience and location have a pivotal role to play here as well.  Vet tech can also go for optional studies in the field of anesthesiology, dental care, emergency care, and so on. And, this is the reason for wide vet tech salary range (shown above). While specialization helps them get an employment in a specific field, it also results in increased pay rate since they own skills that are not owned by others. Vet Techs Career Path If a veterinary technician wants to advance his/her career, it advisable that he/she becomes a complete veterinarian. Not only will a vet have thorough knowledge and experience of the job (even before he/she enters the study program) but also the path of taking careers like lab technician, anesthesiologist and surgical technician also becomes quite easy. Of course, you would need schooling & certification but you’ll be benefitted hugely with a veterinary technician background. Vet Techs Job Market Market for veterinary technicians is speculated to be phenomenal in the coming years. Perhaps, this industry is anticipated to witness a 19% growth by 2024 unlike other job sectors where there’s scope of only 7% growth. With the growing pet population in U.S., there will be a rising demand of medical care and a requirement for highly trained licensed vet techs. All these factors show that jobs in this area are pretty much assured.

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