Major Problems Teenagers Face a Lot

Teens always face a number of problems. They are filled with problems all the time and most of the time, it is seen that their problems are not judged, seen or even solved, which is why they often land into problematic and troublesome situations. They keep on facing depression, lack of self confidence and low self image and even more. This article will discuss on teens’ major problems.

Weigh Risks in Life

Lacking of Ability to Weigh Risks in Life The teenagers have daredevil attitude and this lands them into troubled situations often. This is quite common situation among the teens, who are often found doing illegal activities, breaking rules, going for drugs and drinks and experimenting with sexual acts. They cannot weigh the risks in life.


Socializing Well, this is indeed a big problem among all the teenagers in the world. They tend to restrict themselves to their rooms, their computers, cellular phones and their age-group friends. They do not want to socialize and meet with family members.

Substance Addiction

Substance Addiction The teenagers can addict to substances such as drinks, drugs and cigarettes. If so, then it is a sign that the teenager is finding himself or herself unable to cope with the stress. In this situation, the parents have to come up by asking their teenager kids what problem they are going through or what stress they have.


Depression In young people, depression affects equally as it does to the adults. Thus one should not think in a way that only the adults can suffer from depression rather the teenagers too can suffer the same. The teenagers may become reclusive and have dramatic change in their behavior and habits. Parents need to be utterly aware of their kids’ situation to address it at initial stage.

Low Self Image

Low Self Image Low self image is another problem, the teenagers have a lot in themselves. They really can become much particular about their appearance. It even becomes an obsession as to how they look and this can often get accompanied by the need to fit in the society and social circles. Often teens become dissatisfied with their appearance and how they look. This leads to low self image.

Finding Troubles in Spending Time

Finding Troubles in Spending Time Since the teenagers have a lot to free time in pocket, they do not know what to do and how to spend their time. Thus they often turn into bad activities. Here becomes the duty of the parents to let their kids know how to spend their time in productive manner.

Cyber Addiction

Cyber Addiction The teenagers get addicted to the world of cyber. They have computers in hands and even Internet enabled mobiles in pocket as well. Therefore they do not know the productive use of these things and they even turn into cyber crimes. Parents should make them learn.

Obsession for Perfect Body

Obsession for Perfect Body Since in the age of teen, one is in the air all the time and impressing the opposite sex is what is done widely in teens. Six packs and size zero are big fashion in teen males and females. Thus they are found developing the body in these manners. But they are not aware that how this thing is badly affecting their health. Parents should let them know.

Parents Pressure

Parents Pressure Parents’ pressure is another big problem the teenagers have much in common in the world. Every other day, we read the news like teenagers commit suicides or leave the home because of the pressure of parents’ expectations. Parents should understand and act in a way, which does not affect the kids at all.

Fighting with the Parents

Fighting with the Parents This is the main problem teenagers have in common. They think their parents think against them whereas it is not like that. There should be meetings between parents and teenagers to solve this problem. [smartads]

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