Make Life Alluring Living in the Best Places of the U.S 2013

The entire world is swathed with the best places to slip into, enjoy there and spend life there. There are numerous places which instantly grab your eyes and there are places which play magic with you that you start making the decision of living there. These places attract due to being eye-candy, good economy, lifestyle, safety and job vacancies. This article will guide through those top 10 places of the USA where you can live and enjoy life.


Seattle Seattle is the best place to live in. Although this American city is famous for being a rainy place where the rains keeps pouring on throughout the year, but this city has not been rated among the top 10 rainy cities of the world. The economy is splendid, career opportunities are mammoth, education rate is higher and lifestyle is great.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Oklahoma is another great city to live in the U.S. The city is famous for its job growth and that shows the brilliant economy. The city has also been the home to a number of renovation projects so far like roads, buildings and structures. Once you hit the place, you cannot help taking your eyes off the opportunities there the city offers.


Omaha It is a traditional Midwestern town laced with a classy modern cultural flair. The city is called the telecommunication capital of America. A large number of musical festivals take place in the city. The place has good economy and offers opportunities.

San Diego

San Diego This place is ranked and termed as the best US city to live in due to the high literacy rate. The city’s more than 40 percent population has minimum bachelor’s degree. The poverty rate is under 13 percent. With good economy, the city lets you live in.


Boise With more than 200,000 residents in the city, the population is still growing there because the place offers best opportunities to grow there. More and more businesses are developing there that show the economy’s growth.


Honolulu Honolulu is a place that people simply die to live in. Yes, it is laced with tremendous natural beauty. The economy of the city is based on its tourism and fishery industry basically in other words tourism. Come, enjoy and make career there by living in the beautiful city.


Augusta Augusta is eye candy and offers beauty to enjoy with. The city is located along the Savannah River. Besides the tranquil setting, the city offers the people impressive low cost living that is really attractive and the low housing costs allure as well. Why not to make it a place for living?


Minneapolis The city endows the residents a number of incentives and has becomes one of the best US cities to live in and spend life there. The place has the lowest crime rate and offers tremendous eye popping attractions. There are many opportunities to grow in the city.


Austin The place is famous for having University of Texas, live music and vibrant cultural scenes. The major technology companies too exits there. The economy rate is good and there are opportunities to grow in the city. It is the best place to live in.


Boulder The liberal city of Boulder is located in Colorado state and is the home of famous U.S. university – the University of Colorado. The historical city has eye-catchy setting as it sits on the feet of the Rocky Mountains displaying eye popping view. The economy is powerful, literacy rate is good and living is reasonable. [smartads]

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