Men’s Top Famous Clothing Brands

Where fashion sticks for the women, it also appears to be the hot seat for the men in world. Men are super crazy as well for fashion and making fashion statements. Not only the celebrity men particularly from the world of entertainment are crazy for making style statements with their fashion, but also the common men (masses) too happen to be mad for showing off their style in public and want to get praised for what they wear and use. This article will make you learn about the top 10 men garments brands which are hot and well in use by the men in the world. Check out the list.


Armani Armani is a world famous brand. Although mainly the brand is famed for the designer clothes for men and women both, but it also churns out other items as well. In garments for men, Arman’s blazers, dress shirts and other men’s costumes are much famous. They are costly but are won with aplomb.

Dolce & Gabana

Dolce & Gabana Well, this one is another coveted and well used brand of the world. The people, who have fashion sense and who are even a little bit aware of the fashion scene, know about it. The brand has recently celebrated its 20 years of success in designing. Where the brand presents sophistication and formal designs, it also presents the flamboyant and casual looks for the men.

Hugo Boss

01 The brand ‘Hugo Boss’ is the name the entire world is aware of. It is a German fashion and lifestyle brand which specializes in men and women wear. The brand has around 6100 outlets in 110 countries in the world. The company also has more than 330 retail stores in the world and around 1000 stores are working under franchises across the globe.

True Religion

True Religion This brand is an American one and works largely in clothing line. It was launched in 2002 and is famous for manufacturing western styled shirts, t-shirts and sweat pants. It has now become a premium brand in the world.


Nike This name is enough to let the people get aware of the worth of this brand. From celebs to sportsmen and sportswomen to common masses in the world, all would love to use the products of Nike. In sports world, the clothing of Nike is much used. It makes garments, shoes and other items.

Burbery Prorsum

Burbery Prorsum Today Burbery is a renowned name and is a British owned fashion corporation which has presence in the entire world. Today it makes clothing, fragrance and fashion accessories. Its products run and are sold like hot cakes in the world.


gucci-brand-logo It is an Italian fashion brand and is much famous for men’s clothing and luxury items. Although it equally makes the things and clothing for the women as well, Gucci is famed for fashion clothes, shoes, accessories and other items.

Calvin Klein

calvin-klein-logo CK, Calvin Klein, is another world famous fashion brand. Its fame lies in the costumes, brilliant designs and accessories. From denim to sportswear to men’s underwear – all is made under the tag of CK.


Diesel The brand is much famous among the world men. The men’s hot favorite brand, Diesel is largely targeted at the young adults but is sold for other age-group customers also. Initially it was famous for jeans but today it also makes everything from underwear to fragrances.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren It is a luxury lifestyle brand and is much famous for men’s clothing and men’s suave luxurious clothing. The brand’s mark of Polo is what makes it really distinctive and unique. The guys love to wear it. [smartads]

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