Most Unfortunate Deaths in the History

History is literally full of great as well as unfortunate deaths and the list may reach to hundred of such incidents. Most of these unfortunate deaths are probably known to the world (many if not in all regions). But this is true that the dark recesses of the past have a long list of unfortunate or embarrassing deaths in record. Below list is about most unfortunate deaths in the history.

Humphrey de Bohun

England had a very powerful family during the reign of King Edward II which was named as Anglo-Norman family in the history. Humphrey de Bohun belonged to this family who once spoke against King Edward II. Once he was leading troops to a fight (Battle of Borough Bridge) where an unpleasant end was waiting for him. He caught in the arrow fire while fighting on the bridge and he died of falling and got his intestine hit with the iron pike.

Pyrrhus of Epirus

The history tells us that Pyrrhus of Epirus was among those few conquerors that are claimed as greatest in this list across the globe. The term “pyrrhic victory” was the result of one of his heavy victories in his life. One day, after conquering a city, Pyrrhus of Epirus was moving through the narrow streets, an old woman threw a roof tile onto this greatest warrior. It let a common foot soldier to kill this warrior easily.

Emperor Valerian

Valerian is widely known as probably the noblest Roman Emperor who later on was named as the Emperor Valerian I by the history. It’s written in the history that the western empire fell into disrepair completely in result of his reign which is claimed as disastrous reign in Roman history. He got defeated in 260 AD while fighting in the Battle of Edessa, got captured and brought to Persian King Shapur I. Shapur had his skin stuffed with straw as well as dung and let it on display for the people.


Empedocles was the presenter of classic theory of four elements and this theory actually became the reason of his fame in the Greek history as a great philosopher. He was among those (probably last in the list) who wrote their theories in verse shape. Empedocles ended his life due to a wrong belief that he will return as a god once died and put threw himself in Mount Etna’s active volcano in Sicily.

Julien Offray de La Mettrie

The death incident of Julien Offray de La Mettrie is at No. 6 in our most unfortunate deaths in the history. He was a historically famous philosopher, doctor and cognitive scientist in the French history. Unfortunately, Julien Offray de La Mettrie died of eating too much truffle pate presented by a man he cured. He always believed that life is to spend for sensual pleasures.

Jerome Moody

Jerome Moody was really unfortunate as his death is yet a mystery for the New Orleans life guards. The life guards threw a huge party in 1985, just to celebrate the successful summer season as not a single incident of drowned death happened in this season due to their efforts. But the body of Jerome Moody was found shortly after the celebrations over in the deep end of department pool. Mr. Moody was also attending this celebration in which nearly 200 off-duty and 4 on-duty life guards were the participants.  

Sir Arthur Aston

The name of Sir Arthur Aston is commonly known as a lifelong professional solider in the history who was widely known as a big supporter to the King Charles I during his efforts of the English Civil War. This great soldier somehow fell from a horse in September 1644 that resulted in his one leg to replace with a wooden leg. This leg eventually became the reason of his murder as forces of Oliver Cromwell killed him with his wooden leg after capturing as they believed there was a hidden gold in that leg.

Natasha Pettigrew

Green Party of United States had Natasha Pettigrew as their only hope to reach to the White House who was widely known as a well-rounded, successful politician in the country. She unfortunately got hit by an SUV one day when she was riding her bike on a road. The driver thought she hit a deer, didn’t notice and left her seriously injured on the road side. This is third of most unfortunate deaths in the history.

Bando Mitsugoro VIII

Bando Mitsugoro VIII is widely known as most famous Japanese actor in the history as the country declared him their national treasure. Mitsugoro VIII decided to eat fugu liver one night as he thought that it was probably immune to him. But this national treasure eventually lost his life within 7 hours of eating fugu liver (which is really dangerous to health).

Mughal Emperor Humayun

This is probably on top of most unfortunate deaths of all times. Humayun was a very famous Mughal Emperor of the history who ruled Pakistan, Afghanistan and most part of India (mostly northern areas). His tenure consists from 1530 to 1540 (in first term) and from 1555 to 1556 (in second term). One day, Humayun was coming out of his library carrying some books, when the call of prayer he heard. He immediately tried to bend down on one knee (it was his habit as soon as he heard prayer call), but his long robes caused catching his one foot. He was just at the edge of a small flight of stair, fell down, got his head hit on a jagged rock and died immediately.

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