Top 10 Sexiest Tennis WAGS

There’s a classic phrase which states that behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman. Whilst this may not be true for everyone, it looks like the top tennis players on the ATP World Tour have this covered. The WAGS, an acronym used to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile tennis stars, often take as much of the limelight as the sports stars themselves. By bringing a bit of glitz and glamour, the WAGS provide a nice distraction from the action on the court and in doing so makes tennis that extra-bit more enjoyable to watch. So today we pay tribute to these top WAGS, with our top 10 countdown of WAGS from around the tennis world!

Stacey Gardner (Mardy Fish)

It can’t be easy living a double life but American knockout Stacey Gardner does this every day being both an attorney and a model. Having appeared on shows such as Deal or No Deal, it seems like her husband Mardy Fish isn’t the only well-known face on TV.

Kim Sears (Andy Murray)

Being the daughter of a tennis coach, it’s no wonder Kim has found herself involved in the tennis world as she maintains her on-off relationship with Andy Murray. Whilst the Scot isn’t a particular fan for smiling, Kim makes up for it with a grin on almost every shot of the couple.

Biljana Sesevic (Janko Tipsarevic)

Janko has really picked up his game over the last two years and it’s probably due to his marriage with his wife Biljana. As a TV presenter and model in her native Serbia, Biljana already has quite a name for herself which is sure to increase with her husband’s improving fame.

Jelena Ristic (Novak Djokovic)

After somehow staying out of the limelight for several years, Jelena Ristic has come out as not only as his no.1 fan but as the long-term partner of Novak Djokovic. Considering they’ve been together for 6 years, it’s hard to see why it took so long for the world to notice Jelena.

Paula Kalini (Milos Raonic)

Here’s Paula in an advertisement As an aspiring model, Paula Kalini will certainly appreciate any exposure that she can get. With her boyfriend Milos Raonic already beating some of the biggest names in tennis, expect to hear and see a lot more from Paula within the near future.

Nicole Vaidisova (Radek Stepanek)

Go back 3 or 4 years and Nicole was regarded as one of the hottest prospects in the tennis world. Having already reached a rank of no.7 in the WTA Tour and winning 6 tournaments, the Czech starlet cashed in her career for a family, retiring after her marriage to fellow tennis player Radek Stepanek.

Sara Foster (Tommy Haas)

At 35 years of age, Tommy is reaching the end of career but his wife Sara certainly isn’t. The actress has starred in shows such as 90210 meaning there’s nothing for her German husband to worry about once he hangs up the racquet. Sara was also in the 2004 movie ‘Big Bounce’ – here’s a clip from it

Bec Hewitt (Lleyton Hewitt)

Here’s Bec’s top 10 song ‘All Seats Taken’ There aren’t many bigger names in Australia than Lleyton Hewitt. Today, the former world No.1 spends his time with his wife Bec around the tennis court. Bec has starred in Home and Away and even had a top 10 song meaning that life is always a song and dance when she’s around.

Maria Perello (Rafael Nadal)

Insurance is anything but exciting so why Spanish stunner Maria Perello chose a career in that world is mind-boggling. When not sending pulses racing in the business world, you can expect to find Maria supporting her partner Rafael Nadal whenever he’s on the court.

Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick)

Here’s Brooklyn, enjoy! Regarded as one of the hottest women in the world, Brooklyn Decker stars in just about anything she does. Whether its modelling or acting, the blonde bombshell was born for the camera which is always likely to be nearby considering she’s married to Andy Roddick. Now that you're an expert, look out for the WAGS in this upcoming European summer season. We can guarantee there will be some sizzling action both on and off the court!

About the author:

Michael Porter is a contributing author of Tennis Drills HQ. Through dedicated and gruelling research he has been able to find the top 10 WAGS in tennis. He now counts himself as an expert within the WAG-spotting industry!

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