Smoking Injurious to Health – Reasons for Quitting Smoking

There are a number of side effects of smoking. Smoking overall is pretty dangerous for health, as the caption goes and often we read it ‘smoking is injurious to health’. Yes, that’s absolutely true that it is quite harmful for human’s health. The ones, who smoke, can land into various cancers such as mouth cancer and lung cancer. Even many mouth diseases can take place. In this article, the 10 most dangerous side effects of smoking will be dashed off.

Disturbance in Family

Disturbance in Family 1 Well, smoking definitely creates the disturbance in family. The people who smoke cigarettes, their family often gets disturbed. When you start smoking, the other family members take it very bad. You are not treated well. If you have kids, your kids will too inhale the smoke and they can start smoking as well when they will grow up.

Unnecessary Expense

buy cigratte Smoking is without any doubt is an unnecessary expense which the smokers do always. Majority of the smokers are well aware of the side effects of smoking and they know they are spending unnecessary money on this habit, but they nonetheless keep going on and on.

Spoils Appearance

Spoils Appearance Smoking ends up spoiling one’s image and personality utterly. It completely destroys the physical appearance. Smoking is much bad for the health that it deprives the skin’s oxygen and nutrients which are highly needed for retaining the skin’s vibrant tone and color.

Affects Smoker & Passive Smokers

Disturbance in Family Not only do the smokers get affected by smoking, but also the passive smokers get affected as well. This shows you (smoker) spoil your health and you also become the culprit for others to get affected as well. This is not good at all – just imagine.

Gets You Aged Early

Gets You Aged Early The ones who are addicted to smoking witness themselves getting old before time. The wrinkles and the age old effects start appearing on the faces of the smokers. The premature aging takes place due to the body cells through the process termed oxidative stress. Even smoking becomes the culprit of premature graying of the hair.

Generate Pollution

Generate Pollution Smoking causes the pollution in atmosphere and in your surrounding and we all are well aware of the fact that pollution is super harmful for our health. Cigarette smoking produces carbon monoxide that is much harmful gas for human health.

Makes Men Impotent

Makes Men Impotent One of the biggest disadvantages and the bad effect of smoking is that it makes some men impotent. Smokers often suffer from ED i.e. impotence. It is undoubtedly the biggest harm for the men. So better to stay away.

Chemicals to Unborn Babies

Transfers Chemicals to Unborn Babies The pregnant women who smoke can become the culprit of transferring the chemicals to the unborn baby who is inside the mother’s belly. The baby, who has not seen the world yet, starts suffering from this illness.

Reduces Life Span

Reduces Life Span Mind you that smoking reduces the life span. Just think over the matter that every time when you light up your cigarette, it reduces 11 minutes from your life. So beware of it before you light up the cigarette. It is really dangerous for a man’s health.

Affects Health

Affects Health The smokers have to understand it that smoking is supremely injurious to health. It really affects the health completely. Just remember that if health is gone, everything is gone. So be aware of it always. [smartads]

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