Spell Magic with Nights at Top 10 Best Nightclubs in the World

Clubs are what the young generation in particular loves the most across the globe. The club culture is found everywhere in the world. After the tiredness of the heavy work and when you want to have joys or just chill out, clubs come up to play magic with your souls. In this article, the world’s top notch nightclubs will be discussed. Read on and learn about the Top 10 best nightclubs in the world.


Womb Womb is the perfect and best option for the joys and parties. Situated in Tokyo, Japan, the nightclub is fast becoming popular and the hot spot for the party lovers. It is located in the upscale Shibuya district, it has everything for everyone. Dance on the main floor with air jet blasters. The world famous DJs are there to allure you.

The Halikarnas Club

The Halikarnas Club This one is located in Bodrum, Turkey. Halikarnas offers plenty of offerings to the visitors. If you love open air clubbing, this one is the best platform for you. It has been working since 70s and is called the one of the largest open-air clubs across the globe. The clubbers arrive here through the boats.


Cocoon Situated in Frankfurt, Germany, Cocoon is the eye-popping and eye-candy club with classy features for the offers. Get cozied up there and you will not even think for leaving the place ever. Enjoy the membrane wall, 360 degree honeycombed projection screen wall, light productions, minibar, your own personal sound system.

The Guvernment

The Guvernment This nightclub is located in Toronto, Canada. This one is one of the best nightclubs in the world. It can pack more than 10,000 people and the main room is packed with 4000 guests. The club offers the sky high views, futuristic themes and Moroccan vibes. Come and have real fun with superb bar.

Berghain Panorama Bar

Berghain Panorama Bar This one is located in Berlin, Germany and has the capacity of more than 1500 guests to assemble there. Once a fetish club (till the year 2003), it still holds a flair of hedonism. Sexual openness is there that attracts the eyes instantly. The club is also called the world’s premiere techno club.


Fabric It is in London, UK. The club is most popular in the world because of its music focus. The club maintains its focus on music and that is the plus point for the visitors who come to enjoy the vibes there. It offers the visitors three independent rooms – one of which has a dance floor.

Space Ibiza

Space Ibiza The International Dance Music Awards term the club as the Best Global Club. Located in Ibiza, the club is famous for its DJying and daytime parties as well. If you want to have true joys then come early to watch the sun going down and seeing the airplanes going overhead.


Zouk Zouk is the best club of Singapore and even the world. The clud has single-handedly looted the Asia’s scene. The club offers everything to entice the visitors/guests from chill out lounge that is bathed in velvet, Andy Warhol prints and giant dance floor.

Green Valley

Green Valley The club is localed in Camboriu, Brazil with guests’ capacity of 8000. The club is nestled with the rainforest and eye-candy three magical lakes. The open air club can accommodate thousands of guests at a time. Armed with restaurant lounges, VIP sections and ladies boutique, the club is the best of the lot.

Patcha Ibiza

Patcha Ibiza Land into Ibiza Town in Spain and you should arrive at Patcha Ibiza club to lure your souls. Offering go go dancers, untouchable VIP guest list, giant rooms, best bars and many more, the club offers big weekly bashes as well that attract the locals a lot. [smartads]

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