Teaching Makes You Billionaire – Yes, Check out 10 World’s Richest Teachers

There is no doubt in saying that the world’s most respectable profession is teaching. Many are of the view that teaching cannot make your rich. If you are one of those, then prove yourself wrong since teaching can really make your rich rather richest provided that the profession should be taken much seriously. After reading this article, you will understand and then must start thinking over making a career in the same. If you have potential, knowledge in a particular field, have education is the field and you love the field you belong to, then join in the bandwagon and become a teacher.

David Hawking - $20 Million

David Hawking - $20 Million David Hawking is the professor of dermatology at the world famous University of Columbia. This genius teacher is simply loved and adored by his students at the university and the university too feels proud having him on board. It is believed that he is paid five times more than any other professor at the university.

Stephen Hawking - $20 Million

Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking too is the world’s richest teacher. His net worth is same like David Hawking. He is a British author and is called the England’s and even world’s most influenced author of many famous books about physics and cosmology. He is a theoretical cosmologist. His skills in the field and knowledge are best regarded in the entire world.

Cyril Taylor - $675 Million

Cyril Taylor This British teacher’s noble cause of establishing the students exchange program made him famous. He established the program from the grass root level and this was the thing which shot him to heights of success because more than thousands of students from the world got benefited from the same. He is a professor and the Chancellor plus Founder of Richmond - The American International University in London.

Robert S. Langer – Worth: Not Known

Robert S. Langer Well, this teacher’s estimated net worth is not known but the fact says that he earns super handsome – more than the above mentioned teachers. He teaches the chemical engineering and bio chemical at MIT. Robert’s work is always accredited in the world.

David Cheriton - $1.3 Billion

David Cheriton He belongs to the world of IT, computer technology. And this profession gives him mammoth money that is among the world’s richest teachers. He teaches computer science at Stanford University. He is also the 19th richest person in Canada. He has bachelor’s degree in the field of Math and Masters and PhD degrees in the field of computer sciences.

Adi Shamir - $2.3 Billion

Adi Shamir At number second is Adi Shamir whose net worth is $2.3 billion. He is a famed professor and teaches at Weizmann Institute in Israel. He has also worked as a researcher at MIT but returned to Israel to be a professor in the field of computer science academics.

Reza Satchu – Estimated: Not Known

Reza Satchu Ask anyone from the University of Toronto and you will be responded that yes they know Reza Satchu. He is the most famous and credible teacher at the university. He happens to be the most influential teacher at the university. His demand is always high. He also earns millions from his tech business websites.

James Stewart - Worth: Not Known

James Stewart At number three is James Stewart. His net worth too is not known but it is estimated and judged that he must be earning more than the above mentioned teachers. His field is in Math and Calculus. He is master rather genius in these subjects. He has written thousands of books on these subjects.

Zev Rosenwaks – $3.3 Billion

Zev Rosenwaks Zev’s popularity in the world is because of his being in the team who first successfully used the IVF way back in year 1981. Zev is an MD and a director at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility clinic in New York.

Henry Samueli - $17 Billion

Henry Samueli Henry Samueli is at number one position with the net worth of $17 billion. He is undoubtedly the most demanding professor in UCLA and UC Irvine. He has earned the degrees of bachelor, Masters and PhD in all the major fields of electronics. He has been awarded the world’s prestigious awards. [smartads]

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