Ten Famous Countries of Nuclear Weapons Testing

Every country in this world is trying to acquire nuclear power nowadays. Various countries have carried out nuclear weapons testing in 20th century. Successful nuclear weapons testing enhance the stability and security of country in terms of power. Any state is declared as nuclear weapon state by conducting nuclear weapon tests. Top ten countries of nuclear weapon testing are stated in random order as follow:

Nuclear Weapons Countries

Germany, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands and Belgium can also be referred as nuclear power states as United States supply nuclear weapons to these countries under NATO nuclear weapon sharing program. This program is questioned by various countries as various countries that are part of Non Aligned Movement abstain other countries to share such program for any reason.


Israel is also suspected to have equipped with nuclear weapons however, it has never accepted this claim officially. It claims to abide by civilian nuclear program still satellite images of bunkers, missile launchers and other weapons prove that Israel is enabled with nuclear technology.

North Korea

North Korea is one of suspected Nuclear weapon testing country. North Korea has signed treaty of Nuclear Non Proliferation also known NPT. However, it withdraws its membership in 2003. The reason for this act was accusation of United States regarding program of uranium enrichment. The possession of nuclear weapons was claimed by North Koran in 2005. It was also announced by North Korea that it will conduct its nuclear tests for confirmation its claim. It is also suspected that North Korea has conducted nuclear weapon test on 9 October in year 2006.


India initiated its nuclear development program in 1974 and termed it as “peaceful nuclear explosive” and commonly identified as “Smiling Buddha”. The test conducted by India in 1974 was the first test carried out after development of NPT. However, India negates NPT and still not part of treaty. The apparent objective of nuclear program of India was to enhance the security of country however; it was also effort to become great power in its region. India enhanced its nuclear weapon power greatly from 1988 to 1990.Operation Shakti was nuclear weapon test conducted by India in 1998. Until now it has been estimated that India has more than 90 warheads based on nuclear technologies.


Pakistan acquired title of Nuclear Power in 1998 when nuclear tests were conducted under supervision of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan at Hills of Chaghi. The first nuclear weapon was known as “Ghauri”. Pakistan was not allowed to be part of Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. The development of nuclear technology was initiated in Pakistan in end of 1970. The first nuclear power plant was established in Karachi and technology was supported by western nations.


China has acquired nuclear technology to gain maximum protection against Nuclear powers like Soviet Union and United States in 1964. The first nuclear test was conducted by China with weapon known as 596 at Lop Nur. In 1967 China also tested first “Test No.6” which was hydrogen bomb. The development of fission to fusion by China was most rapid development in history. In 1992 China became part of Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

Russia or Soviet Union

Soviet Union is second country to obtain and develop the technology of Nuclear weapons. In 1949, Soviet Union has tested Joe-1 that was its first weapon based on nuclear technology. With this technology Soviet Union was able to acquire balance of power in the region especially during time of Cold War. RDS-37 was high frequency hydrogen bomb tested in year 1955. Soviet Union has also detonated greatest nuclear bomb known as Tsar Bomba. However, after dissolution of Soviet Union the technology was officially owned by Russia.


The first weapon based on nuclear technology known as Gerboise Bleue was tested in 1960. The whole technology was developed by France on its own. The objective of development of this technology is to get enough protection arise from diplomatic tension also called as Suez Crisis that arose due to countries like United States and Soviet Union. The first Hydrogen bomb called as Operation Caonpus was tested in 1968 by France. France became part of Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty in year 1992.

United Sates

United States is also nuclear power country that is also part of NPT. During World War II United States initiated its nuclear program in association with Canada and United Kingdom and called as Manhattan project. The project was initiated against Nazi Germany. The first nuclear weapon of United States is known as Trinity and was tested in 1945. The nuclear technology was initially used by United States during attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The first deployable nuclear weapon was developed by United States in 1954 and was known as Castle Bravo. In 1992 United States develop its nuclear technology under the project name Stockpile Stewardship.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is part of Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. It has conducted its first nuclear weapon experiment in 1952 with weapon named Hurricane. The test was based on the data provided by United States during alliance in a project called as Manhattan Project. The objective of the nuclear project was to acquire satisfactory protection from Soviet Union. In present times United Kingdom is equipped with convoy of ballistic missile submarines along with task force of V Bomberstatagic bombers. Both fleets are loaded with nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons of United Kingdom also include Trident II missiles with latest nuclear technology. [smartads]

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