Ten Fascinating Facts about Sex You Surely Don’t Know

Probably the most pleasuring act for all in life is s-e-x. Some of you would be thinking that probably they know everything about s-e-x. Well, probably you wouldn’t be more wrong but there are many fascinating facts about s-e-x that wouldn’t be known to many. Some of these facts are purely educational but most of them would be really surprising to many. Below list is about ten fascinating facts about s-e-x you surely don’t know.

O-r-a-l S-e-x Can Result in Throat Cancer

O-r-a-l s-e-x can result in throat cancer. Yes, you read it right. The recent medical studies have proved that the people who have involved in s-ex-ual activities with at least 5 s-e-x partners throughout their lives are at risk. These people may have throat cancer only if they are also involved in o-r-a-l s-e-x. But the same situation doesn’t imply on all those people who have fewer s-e-x partners to get involved in s-e-x-ual activities. It means o-r-a-l s-e-x with 1, 2 or 3 partners wouldn’t spark threat of throat cancer.

Sex Loses Weight

You probably have no idea that all s-ex-ual activities result in losing weight. A person loses around 26 calories in average in result of every single kiss he has for a minute only. Additionally, you burn near around 150 calories in result of a half an hour vigorous s-e-x. Well, s-e-x may help you reducing around three pounds in year if you do s-e-x on regular basis – at least 8 times a month.

Women Have More Or-gasms

This is another fact about se-xu-al activities or lovemaking that women have more o-r-g-a-s-m-s. The percentage of o-r-g-a-s-m-s for women (who got involved in s-exual activities) a decade ago was only 25%, but this percentage increases to 45 percent in the recent years. They are always seen willing to have more o-r-g-a-s-m-s and telling their partners they can do more if they didn’t reach to climax.

S-e-x Reduces Headaches

Have you ever heard of this fact? This is true that s-exual activity helps in reducing headaches. If you ever face a situation like your partner say you not for tonight only because of headache. Just let him/her knows that lovemaking can reduce headache naturally. Actually your body releases endorphins during all s-exual activities that ultimately reduce headaches. So it doesn’t matter if you have headache and keep your self busy in lovemaking if it is your ultimate desire of that time.

Sex Increases Life Span

This is yet another most interesting and fascinating fact about s-exual activity or lovemaking that it increases your life span. You should adopt a habit of having s-e-x on regular basis (at least once a week). It has proved helpful in enhancing man’s life. Science has proved that the men involved in active s-exual relations live longer than 80 years of age. It actually reduces heart ailments risks by at least 30 percent.

Skin Care

S-e-x is another really important activity for skin care. You will be amazed how? Actually sperm are full of proteins that are vital in skin tightening. Whenever you leave the sperm to let it dry naturally, it leaves behind protein as soon as the water gets evaporated. This protein is really useful in reducing wrinkles on your face. Well, it is an excellent anti-aging treatment for all women but definitely carrying s-p-e-r-m on your face and walking among people would be shameful.

Older People Also do Sex

Some of you may be have a perception that people more than the age of 50 probably do not get involved in any s-exual activity. But a recent American study revealed that majority of people between 57 and 85 years of age believe that they shouldn’t quit s-e-x and should continue it as an important part of their lives. They are still involved in lovemaking (s-exual activities) 2 or three times in 30 days.

Sex for Fun

This third in our ten fascinating facts about s-e-x you surely don’t know list is also about animals. Actually people probably think that humans are the only creature on Earth that do s-e-x for fun only. But in fact, the animal kingdom is also full of this fact, like Bonobo chimps and Dolphins are also noted having s-e-x only for fun. Bonobo chimps are also noted involved in several types of sexual activities including oral s-e-x, tongue kissing and face to face genital s-e-x.

You Become More Intelligent with S-ex

It has been recently proved in a widespread medical research that this most pleasuring activating of the human life actually sparks seven different chemical reactions and all of these seven reactions help in improving your brain’s strength. Your brain gradually gets improved or optimized functionality only because of s-e-x. You become more creative after you get released some hormones (including oxycotin and serotonin) during and after s-e-x. It also improves decision making.

Animal Prostitution

I put it on top in this list because this fascinating s-exual fact belongs to animals. Some female penguins are recognized as the prostitute only because they are always willing to have s-e-x even with strange male penguins, only in intention to build their family. It looks like the female penguins are always in search of male penguins, which is really a strange fact. Sometimes the male penguins are tricked by the p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e penguins.

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