Ten Fastest-Growing Industries in Untied States

America has been going through the phase of regaining their economy strength which was particularly in the past decade. The most recent war against terrorism and economy recession across the globe also badly/adversely affected the economy growth of United States of America. But still there are a number of industries in this North American country that have a lot of potential to bring a boom in the country economy once again. Below list is about fastest-growing American companies as of 2012.

3D Printer Manufacturing

3D has been the top-rated topic in many industries (mainly in games, movies and Internet world) in the past decade that eventually increased the popularity of 3D printing in our lives. These printers have been serving people’s need for around past ten years. You can print a three-dimensional object using one single machine called 3D printer, in which you can place successive layers of material (to make a 3D printout) on top of each layer.

Hot Sauce Production

How do you feel calling someone “Hot-sauce magnate” in the coming years? But looking at the current growth ratio (9.3% annually), the expected growth in the revenue of this American industry may make this phrase popular in public or media. The hot sauce could be popular in American people (in the next decade) same like we have Coke or Pepsi at the moment. The demographic consumption trends actually increased the demand of hot sauce across the nation.

Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The bitter fact of the life of every American is that everyone is aging but most of them don’t achieve the target to become rich throughout their lives. Generic industry has been growing in United States mainly because these are relatively cheaper than the patent drugs and these are also not sold with patent protection. The overall rise in healthcare costs eventually made such drugs more popular in the general public and industry has been earning with 9.6% annual growth.

Pilates & Yoga Studios

We have seen an average 12.1% annual growth in Pilates & Yoga Studios across United States. This impressive growth puts this industry at No. 7 in this list because it is among fastest-growing industries at the moment so far in 2012. The recent researched expected fatter Americans particularly in the coming decade time period, and this research sparked potential earning/revenue of Pilates & Yoga industry across the country. Well, not every American will be fatter, mind you.

For-Profit Universities

Another industry, named for-profit universities, is in the list of fastest-growing industries in United States. We have seen this industry under fire in the recent years particularly for students suffering from debt. Though the growth of for-profit universities has been unsustainable and debt-fueled in the last decade, but it is also the fact that the overall demand of post-secondary education in United States will have a significant rise in the coming years with the economy growth. [smartads]

Self-Tanning Product Manufacturing

Americans have seen an impressive blow in the self-tanning industry manufacturing especially in the last ten years. It is mainly because people are always in search of finding some authentic, healthy ways to remain more active, glowing in their summers. Self-tanning should never be mixed up with bad tanning at all. Today, we have a wide range of self-tanning products that are used by Americans for skin tones. Self-tanning manufacturing industry has been growing with 22.7% annual growth.

Contact Lens and Eyeglasses Sales

Life has become really fast and everyone has to fulfill most of his/her desires while sitting on their laptops or computers, at their offices or even at their work, mainly because of short of time. This trend has been turning into weakening the eye-sights of many computer users/surfers in United States. Therefore, we have noted a significant improvement in the online contact lens and eyeglasses sales across the nation especially in the past decade. The industry grows with 28.2% annual growth.

Sustainable Green Building Construction

Climate change has been the most controversial topic for many experts in many circles of United States and we have seen a rapid/significant improvement in the energy-efficient construction sector. It didn’t bring only the greenhouse gases boom in the country but a decrease in many commodity prices and a rise particularly in energy prices made it more cost effective energy solution in the past decade. It is a trendy industry at the moment which has been growing with 28.9% annual growth in United States.

Solar Panel Manufacturing

Solar panel manufacturing industry is at No. 2 in this list as it has seen an impressively rapid growth in the last decade. Though it also faced a single case of bankruptcy in the Obama administration but overall growth is excellent for the industry. The industry boosted its revenue mainly because of the rising costs of fossil fuels. It eventually rapidly increased global demand for solar power instruments. Another beneficial point for this industry to grow was a significant decrease in silicon prices.

Social Network Game Development

It is relatively a newer/younger industry in this list but has been growing with a rapid pace if we see the analysis of the past decade. Looking at the eye-popping growth of the social network game development industry, one can never deny the worth of this industry in the near future. Investing in this industry won’t be a repenting decision for many. Almost all web-based industries are at their fastest growth at the moment in any part of the world.

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