Ten Most Expensive Cities for Living in United States

United States is comparatively a much expensive country if we compare this most developed country of the world to other top-rated developed countries on the world map. But not every US city is expensive for living for everyone and there are very few cities in this country that are categorized under most expensive cities of the world category. Below list describes a comprehensive list of most expensive US cities in 2012.

Truckee, Nevada County

If you go through the entire list, you will find New York and California as the most expensive states in United States. Truckee is the fourth Californian city that makes its place in this list. This most populous city of the Nevada County is considered relatively costly city for many to live in permanently or even temporarily either. Though the average home selling price of this Nevada County city has fallen to 9.6 percent but still it is around USD $0.4 million.

Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford is the first and only city from Connecticut State in this list. The overall population of Stamford city is more or less 903,425 people and average home sale price of this eighth most expensive US city is around USD $626,611 which is huge for many. The city is comparatively prosperous urban area than other national cities as average household income of Stamford residents is around USD $66,870 in a single year that is enough. Stamford is much more affordable option for people working in New York City.

San Jose, California

San Jose is the third Californian city in this list that describes highly costly cities of the country for living in 2012. There is not a big difference in San Jose and other Californian cities in this list. The number of home sales in San Jose is around 24 percent every year. The stats show an average home sale price of this Californian city has fallen in the recent years but still it is costly to live for many. San Jose is at No. 8 in this list.

Santa Ana (Orange County)

Santa Ana is the second city from California which is known as the part of most expensive US cities category at the moment. This city of the Orange County has more or less 12,818,132 listed residents. The average home selling price of this Orange County’s city is around USD $748,359 and the average household income/earning is described as USD $56,680 per annum. Santa Ana is also known as the home to Disneyland, the notable picnic place for worldwide children.

Queens, N.Y.

The state of New York is widely considered the most expensive state in the country as well as across the globe as Queens is the third city of United States that managed listing in the most expensive cities’ list for year 2012. Though the state has been facing housing crises for the past some years but it is still sixth in this list. This second-largest populous city of New York State has average home selling price of USD $524,299 and still people want to live here. [smartads]

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is at No. 5 in this list being the first city from state California which is home to more or less 4,222,756 American people. The median household income of San Francisco is more or less USD $72,059 per annum which is slightly higher than other top-rated cities in this list but still San Francisco manages fifth position for being most expensive city in United States. The average home selling price in San Francisco is around USD $815,556.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brooklyn is another city from the state of New York that successfully managed reaching to top 5 positions in the list of most expensive US cities. This most populous borough of the New York City area is at No. 4 at the moment. Though average home sale price of Brooklyn area is slightly lower than the other borough of New York City i.e. Queens, but still living in this borough is slightly expensive than Queens. USD $512,012 is the median home selling price in this city.

Honolulu, Hawaii

[caption id="attachment_2977" align="aligncenter" width="592"] Honolulu is the third most expensive US city at the moment. [/caption] Honolulu is the third most expensive US city at the moment. The average household income of this Hawaii city is around USD $64,355 per annum and the overall population of Honolulu metropolitan area is around 903,231 people. Average home price in Honolulu also reaches around USD $ 1 million in some of its areas but mostly it is around USD $0.8 million. Honolulu is widely considered an island paradise among frequent travelers but enjoying living in this paradise is literally higher than average.

Manhattan, N.Y.

Manhattan, the second most expensive city of United States, is also the part of the state New York. This urban area is considered highly expensive by many American residents to live at the moment which is also famous as most densely populated urban area in United States. Manhattan has another reason of its worldwide recognition which is its fame of being busiest financial hub in the world. The average home cost in Manhattan is well above USD $1 million.

New York City, N.Y.

New York City is the most expensive city for living in United States. The overall population of this metropolitan area is around 18,295,869 people and the median household income of the residents is around USD $60,964 per annum. New York has an average home price of USD $1.15 million which is really huge amount for many. The housing cost of this No. 1 expensive city of the country is around four times than the national average cost.

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