Ten Most Famous Olympic Logos of the Modern Olympic Era

London Olympics 2012 has been on its peak at the moment and sports lovers (from around the world) have been staying in this European nation for the past couple of weeks. Olympic Games are held every four year and every new event has its own logo designed by the host country. These logos are famous among people for their beautiful designs and thinking behind their artwork. Below list is about ten most famous logos that we had so far in these sporting events in modern era.

London 2012 Olympic Logo

London Olympic Games are currently rocking every sports channel in the world because this huge even is in process. The logo designed by London 2012 Olympic Committee has grabbed a lot of attention and immediately took its place in the top 10 list of all times that is about most famous Olympic logos. It sends different meanings and connotations to different communities; therefore it grabbed various reactions too.

Moscow 1980 Olympic Logo

Moscow, Russia was the hosting city to the Olympic Games’ event of 1980. Therefore, the Olympic logo was the responsibility of Russian authorities. They designed a logo with pure red color which represented a strong message to the world because it is generally associated to communism. But they added a star on top to get it approved from the authorities without any hesitation.

Atlanta 1996 Olympic Logo

Atlanta, United States hosted Olympic Games in 1996 and presented an Olympic logo for approval which later on claimed 8th top-rated most beautiful or famous Olympic logo of all time. They gave this summer Olympics the name of “Games of the XXVI Olympiad” as its official name. Atlanta hosted this huge event in 1996 from July 19 to August 4. It was the first Olympic event in which all current IOC member countries and a record 197 nations participated from across the globe.

Munich 1972 Olympic Logo

Looking at the logo below doesn’t give an impression that it could be a logo of such a huge sports event of the current world, but in fact this simplest logo of the Munich 1972 Olympic Games grabbed much media and people attention that it won 7th place in this list. It was purely designed in blue color and was made totally opposite to the 1980 logo. It was to represent a new path for Germany since their government was changed to democratic in the same year.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Logo

I still remember the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008. It was truly mind blowing and extra ordinary as it spent more money than any other country in fireworks. Beijing 2008 Olympic Logo got equal popularity in the people as the opening ceremony put impressions on the people’s mind across the globe. It was a beautiful summer Olympic of the 21st century that will be remembered for years.

Mexico 1968 Olympic Logo

This could be simplest logo to many as there is nothing but words in simple lining and ending in the Olympic rings. But in fact, it is the 5th best or most famous logo in this list which has an array of fonts. Mexico hosted Olympic Games in 1968 and presented this logo for approval which got approved in first attempt. It truly represents Latin style in its wording which is written in layered lines.

Sydney 2000 Olympic Logo

Olympic Games, held in Sydney, Australia in 2000, are widely known as the Olympic event that has very best Olympic logo of the history. Therefore, it was awarded fourth position by Olympic lovers. “Games of the XXVII Olympiad” was the official name of this Olympic event which was an international multi-sport event. Australia hosted this event from September 15 to October 1, 2000.

Helsinki 1952 Olympic Logo

The Olympic logo designed for 1952 Helsinki Finland Olympic Games is at No. 3 because of its beauty. People or Olympic fans voted is more than others in this list and brought it at this top position. There were 149 sports events in this event which mainly consisted on 17 sports. It was a unique kind of design at that time that had a building having Olympic rings at the top. Though it was very simple but was widely appreciated by the people.

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Logo

Olympic logo, which was designed by Canadian professionals for the Winter Olympic Games of 2010, is at No. 2 in this list. This is truly a well-designed Olympic logo which could grab first position easily. It was the 21st Winter Olympics which was held in February 2010 from 12 to 28th in British Columbia, Canada. Richmond, West Vancouver was also selected to hold some of its events. Whistler was also the host to some events.

Lake Placid 1932 Olympic Logo

The logo designed for the Lake Placid Olympic Games is widely regarded as the No. 1 beautiful or well-designed logo that has been designed in any Olympic Game so far across the globe. The Olympic even which was held in 1932 was hosted by Lake Placid, United States. Therefore, the logo contains North American continent on its background and there is a man skiing on the front to demonstrate the logo belongs to a sporting event.

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