Ten Things Americans Waste Money On – Check it Out

Americans are undoubtedly famed for spending unnecessary money on various things. They keep on wasting the money on unnecessary things. They are found doing unnecessary purchases. The reports have it that an American with an average income of $63,000 spends more than $8,000 on unnecessary goods. This shows how much wastage the Americans do all the time. Let’s check out the top ten things American waste money on.


Insurance Americans are the only nation in the world who are much prone to paying unnecessary insurance. Every other American pays a lot premium of insurance on various things like car, house, goods, personal insurance and others. They are very touchy about insurance which is why they keep paying the premiums of insurance.

Turn Down to Free Money

Turn Down to Free Money Many Americans also turn down the free money. How? If your employer offers you matching money in order to take part in your company’s 401k or in any other retirement plan, and in your part you do not take part to get a full match. This means you are simply turning down the free money.

Apparel Products and Services

Apparel Products and Services American are big lovers of apparels. They waste a lot of money on the apparel purchases. The wastage happens in various things like clothing rentals, jewelry buying, dry cleaning and watch repair. Plenty of money wastage happens on these things. Americans cannot help taking their eyes off these unnecessary buying.


Tobacco The reports reveal that an average household consumes around $380 every year on tobacco products such as pipes, cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. The reports further express that a person, who smokes around a cigarette pack in a day in the state of New York, spends more than $4500 per year.


Alcohol Reportedly the average U.S. household spends more than $450 on alcohol of various kinds like hard liquor, wine, beer and mixed drinks. Besides, the higher prices are paid in hotels, bars and restaurants for alcohol consumption. A household consisting only of husband and wife even consumes more than $582 on alcohol.

Vacations, Homes and Hotels

Lodging, Vacations, Homes and Hotels Americans are crazy about spending unnecessary money on lodging, homes, vacations and hotels. As per the reports, an average U.S. household spends more than $670 on vacation, hotels and homes. The reports further reveal that in Northeast, around $924 are spent on vacation homes.

Pets and Toys Equipments

Pets and Toys Equipments American also spend a lot of money on pets and toys. The reports say that average household spends around $700 on these equipments. Also more than 80% expenses arrive from these two things in the shape of bills. Families with kids of age 6 years spend around $140 on games and toys.

TV, Radio and Sound Equipment

TV, Radio and Sound Equipment The reports suggest that Americans spend around $1000 on TV, radio and sound equipment including video games hardware, cable TV and movie players. In 1989, this spending was around $429 and the difference can be judged that shows how much Americans are spending these days.


Gifts As it is known that American spend amount on unnecessary goods and services, they also spend unnecessary money on gifts to others. In 2009, the spending on gifts were more than $1067 and today it has increased $887. This means now they spend $1954.


Foods On foods in particular the food (all types) which is ordered to be delivered at home, Americans spend quite a lot money. Americans are fond of eating and they would love to grab the bites on all occasions and throughout the day. [smartads]

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