Ten Very Famous and Hottest Black Females Alive

Looking for Black Females Alive ! Beauty doesn’t need color, race or origin. Beauty is a beauty and it can be from any origin of the world. Some people think probably beauty is limited to the people with white color but in fact, there are hundreds of black female artists in the world that have more beautiful, gorgeous and sex appealing bodies than white female artists across the globe. Read through the article to know about ten hottest black women/artists at the moment.

Jada Pinkett Smith

[caption id="attachment_2749" align="aligncenter" width="777"]Jada Pinkett Smith Black Females Alive Jada Pinkett Smith Black Females Alive[/caption] Jada Pinkett Smith, a 41-year-old Hollywood beauty, is still at the No. 10 in this list. She is recognized as sexiest/hottest black female author, director, producer, actress, businesswoman and singer-songwriter in United States. Jada started her entertainment career by making a guest appearance in 1990 in “True Colors”, a short-lived sitcom. She has performed in “The Nutty Professor”, “Menace II Society”, “A Different World”, “Set It Off”, “The Matrix Revolutions”, “Scream 2” and “The Matrix Reloaded”. She is simply gorgeous.

Emanuela de Paula

[caption id="attachment_2750" align="aligncenter" width="796"]Emanuela de Paula Black Females Alive Emanuela de Paula Black Females Alive[/caption] Looking at the beautiful eyes, body structure and gorgeous personality of Emanuela de Paula, one can say that she should be among top 5. But this list is based on public opinions. This 23-year-old Brazilian model is simply the holder of amazing, sexiest and hottest body that appeals many. The notable UK retailer “Next” made her their face for couple year from 2010 to 2011. She has also present “Gina Tricot” as their only new model.

Kerry Washington

[caption id="attachment_2751" align="aligncenter" width="776"]Kerry Washington Black Females Alive Kerry Washington Black Females Alive[/caption] Kerry Washington is a 35-year-old stunning black beauty of Hollywood film industry who earned nationwide fame for the character of Della Bea Robinson, wife of Ray Charles in “Ray”, a movie released in 2004. Her character in “Fantastic Four” also earned her worldwide fame. She has been presenting her acting talent in Hollywood industry since 1994. Her other notable characters were of “The Dead Girl” and “Our Song”.

Jessica White

[caption id="attachment_2752" align="aligncenter" width="661"]Jessica White Black Females Alive Jessica White Black Females Alive[/caption] Don’t get confused with the name Jessica White that she is a white woman. This is a stunning black beauty in fact who is an occasional actress but a regular singer and model of United States. This Buffalo, New York resident is at No. 7 in this list. White has been working with “Brandsway Creative” at the moment. A famous show “America’s Next Top Model” featured Jessica White on October 14, 2009. White has appeared in many music videos so far.

Gabrielle Union

[caption id="attachment_2753" align="aligncenter" width="766"]Gabrielle Union Black Females Alive Gabrielle Union Black Females Alive[/caption] Gabrielle Union grabbed sixth position as a sexiest/hottest black artist alive. She is a notable former model and current actress in United States who started her career in 1993. She earned nationwide fame for playing a cheerleader character in “Bring it On” against Kirsten Dunst. The other notable film appearance of Gabrielle Monique Union was in “Bad Boys II”. Her character in “City of Angeles” as a medical doctor was also a super hit. [smartads]

Meagan Good

[caption id="attachment_2754" align="aligncenter" width="642"]Meagan Good Black Females Alive Meagan Good Black Females Alive[/caption] Meagan Good is also among hottest black female artists alive. This 31-year-old American television and film artist is also recognized as an occasional film producer in the industry. Good entered in the entertainment industry even at age 4. The professional career of this black beauty (Meagan Good) has made her appearances in numerous music videos, feature films, television shows and commercials. She has winning the hearts by giving her on-screen appearances to people since 1991.

Melyssa Ford

[caption id="attachment_2755" align="aligncenter" width="674"]Melyssa Ford Black Females Alive Melyssa Ford Black Females Alive[/caption] Wow! What a stunning body she has. Melyssa Ford probably got fourth position in this list only for her growing age. Otherwise, I would rate her equally sexiest female artist as I feel Beyonce. This Canadian actress and model is currently 35 at the moment but still possess hottest body that never let a man to take his eyes off. This tall Canadian model is also referred as “Jessica Rabbit” among her fans’ circle. This stunning black beauty was discovered by Little X in late 1990s when Ford was a bartender at a nightclub in Toronto.

Rihanna 3rd Black Females Alive

[caption id="attachment_2756" align="aligncenter" width="731"]Rihanna Black Females Alive Rihanna Black Females Alive[/caption] Look at the body structure of this 24-year-old Barbadian recording artist and actress who has won millions of hearts for two different reasons; one for her magical voice and second for her hottest body structure obviously. She was born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty but earned worldwide fame as Rihanna only. She made a golden move in 2004 when she reached United States in the age of 16 only, just to pursue her bright music career. She finally achieved her dreams and became third hottest black female artist alive.

Beyonce Knowles

[caption id="attachment_2757" align="aligncenter" width="739"]Beyonce Knowles Black Females Alive Beyonce Knowles Black Females Alive[/caption] Though first position is with Halle Berry in result of a recently held public poll but I personality believe that Beyonce Knowles is the only black female artist that can have first position in all. She is beautiful, she is gorgeous, she is sexy and most of all, she is a magical voice that rules millions of hearts. I would say her sexiest/hottest female artist I ever seen in my life. This American singer actress, record producer, songwriter and dancer has been ruling the world of music for couple of years.

Halle Berry

[caption id="attachment_2758" align="aligncenter" width="775"]Halle Berry Black Females Alive Halle Berry Black Females Alive[/caption] No one can deny the beauty and sex-appealing body of Halle Berry. She grabs first position in this list in the third successive year. You may say her “Hottest Black Woman Alive”. She actually gained this fame in result of recently held survey in a television poll in Untied States. The Esquire Magazine also announced Halle Berry as “Hottest Woman Alive”. She is currently among most expensive actresses of world’s No. 1 entertainment industry Hollywood. If you enjoy this article you may also enjoy hottest Female singers article.  

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