The 5 Most Beautiful Countries to Do Charity Work

You’ll hardly find the words “charity work” and “beautiful scenery” in the same sentence. This isn’t surprising given that when people have to go to other countries to do charity work, it isn’t often about the scenery. That said, when you’ve worked all day helping others, tending to their needs and need to relax or take a breather, it wouldn’t hurt to be able to look up or around you and enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery of the place. With this in mind, we have compiled the most beautiful countries where you can do volunteering.


Spain Spain’s beaches, people and communities makes it one of the topmost beautiful countries to do charity work and volunteer in. Typical charity work you can get involved in include teaching certain subjects like maths and english to children, helping disabled people enjoy a better quality of life on the beach, environmental and climatic causes, encouraging good tourism practices, and helping to reduce fire outbreaks in the mountains. If you want specific locations, think Valencia and La Alberca.


Nepal Known as the birthplace of Buddha and the home to Mount Everest, Nepal is a great place to do some charity work. The country and the people are both welcoming and hospitable. And their tourism sector is really efficient thanks to lots of people consistently trying to conquer Mt Everest every year. Volunteering activities you could do include supporting disadvantaged communities by offer teaching their kids, serving underprivileged families, women and children, nurture and teach orphans. And for those with a medical background, help in treatments and administering medications.


Ecuador Known globally for its amazing wildlife and landscapes, Ecuador is a rich place for volunteering and charity work. Some of the activities you could do there include enabling and encouraging conservation of wildlife habitat and species, teaching and empowering the underprivileged. You could teach the locals about sustainable practices and help protect vulnerable and endangered plant and animal species in the country.

South Africa

South Africa South Africa boasts of a rich wildlife habitat. Volunteering in this beautiful country often involves conservation efforts aimed at keeping the 20,000 or so plant and animal species in abundance. To do this, you would need to take part in working at the local parks and wildlife reserves, feeding animals, clearing paths, mending fences, tracking lost animals, looking for and getting rid of potentially harmful objects. These Other activities include teaching kids in the ghetto, encouraging sporting activities, scuba diving aimed at helping with conservation efforts and so on.


Thailand Surfing and scuba diving are a common pastime here. You can watch pro surfers try to conquer and ride out waves. The beaches are beautiful and great for vacationing. But, what makes Thailand a great place to do charity work is the rainforests. People interested in conservation and the impact that tourism has on wildlife will find the experience here rewarding. There are elephant sanctuaries and school kids to teach. So, there’s more than enough things to do here. About the author: The author Karen Underhill recommends that although these are some great destinations, reading this article may spur you on to find even more exotic destinations for charity work related travel.

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